Should women stop asking so many stupid questions like "Am I fat?"

Asked by: imabench
  • Oh for the love of God yes

    Women ask stupid questions all the time that are deliberately set up as traps for men. "Does this dress make me look like my Mom?" <- there is no right way to answer that question! If you say yes then she feels old, if you say no then you think her mom is ugly. Its stupid questions like that which are the reason why the divorce rate in this country is so high, so yes, women should stop asking so many stupid questions.

  • It's just fishing.

    When a woman asks a question like that they're not asking because they want an honest answer. They are asking because they want you to TALK to them. The problem is, men are problem-solution thinkers. If we do not have a specific subject to discus, a problem if you will, and an end objective, a solution, we just don't care. Unless something truly interesting, unusual, or of important happened, is happening, or will happen, we don't care. And out definition of interesting is a lot different than yours. We're expected to put up with and adapt to you, you can do a little back in kind.

  • Are we serious?

    They already know the answer, so why ask. If they are looking for reassurance or a compliment, they should ask one of their friends. It's the same as a man asking about his penis size. They both should grow up and get some confidence. At least the women can do something about their insecurity.

  • I disagree with the wording of the question completely but let me say this.

    There is a problem with gender norms in our country. The fact that women have to be so concentrated on their appearance is very unsettling. It has been described to me that every day is a beauty contest for a women. I mean no offense by this, I simply mean that it is far too large of a focus and it is a societal problem. We need to try to help women break from the this societal norm and not feel as though they are being judged by their appearance. It isn't right that women should have to feel lesser for being fat when a man will let the gut hang out, and maybe even push a little. Conversely, there is a societal norm that a man feel successful and powerful. Perhaps each feels this way because the societal norms of the opposite gender are attracted to those specific traits. Regardless, the question lies in an societal concept, and should be brought to the attention of those who haven't given this a thought.

  • Why do you care?

    Next time I will ask "why do you care? Wouldn't you be happier yourself if it didn't matter to you? Why does it matter to you? Is it because people might judge? Why do you care about that, that is of no material consequence? That's not logical."
    I know this may seem dismissive of emotions but seriously think critically about the concept of "Emotion" for once and about your emotions, think really critically and really deeply. We are all caught up in a web of collective deception about the human mind. It's really an awful lot simpler than people actually think.

  • Another pointless question, written by a big time immature punk!

    This question was obviously written by a misogynistic (i.E., hatred of women, as a sexually defined group) immature punk who has no clue how to treat a lady; probably hates his mother.

    His use of profanity in the title shows how immature he actually is.

    Per his profile he goes out of his way to say this per the Activities section: “This and actively trying to not get a girlfriend so that I can have all of this me time, and all this money, and not hate my life. I also am looking forward to the Mac release of SimCity and again, Weekly Stupid.”

    So he equates girlfriends with causing him to hate life; why bother with girlfriends, too much time and money wasted. He should go live in a cave. Probably was hurt in a romance and now hates women, or, he has never had a woman and has been rejected by all woman. He can't figure out what he is doing wrong with the ladies.

    Maybe, he just needs to get laid.

    Then there is his immature little statement in the Quotes section of the profile: “Why? Because f*ck you that’s why”. This boy is a total punk, most likely psychotic and a danger to himself and society. He should be kept away from pressure cookers, nails, BBs, and gun powder.

    Then there is the comment in his profile under the category, “About Me:” “I do a lot of trollish debates meant for sh*ts and giggles.

    What mature adult does anything trollish for the sole purpose of grins or sh*ts?

    Punks like this immature little boy should be kicked off Debate.Org for being a total offensive uneducated idiot; but, that would be a 1st amendment violation, so we are stuck with this creep.

    He is in college, but college is apparently teaching him nothing, especially manners. He lives in Coral Gables, Florida; so I will take a wild guess that he is a spoiled rotten, silver spoon in mouth rich kid that has never had to work or earn a living and lives off his parent dime with all his toys.

    Grow up little boy!

  • As annoying as it is, but I would have to disagree.

    This all ties up with evolution. Men prefer certain body types, because it means the female is better equipped to give birth.

    Women acknowledge that, and since we all strive to be the most desirable partners, it becomes an insecurity with a lot of women.

    Also, magazines and photoshop-ed bodies have a huge role in influencing a womans self-image, because they show hard (and sometimes even impossible) to obtain bodies, and make them feel like they're at the bottom of the sexual selection pyramid.

    LIFE HACK: When you make a woman feel comfortable with her body, she immediately feels sexier, and that increases the chances of you getting in her pants, so everybody's happy.

  • Of course not

    After all, it's snark bait. I personally opt to point out the logical fallacies of them asking me the question, as I have never heard anyone who actually responded well to hearing a 'yes' answer. After I am done talking at great length about the logical fallacies inherent in such a question, they inevitably stare at me in utter confusion and/or irritation.

    In what I am sure is totally unrelated news, I never seem to be able to get a date.

  • Pfffffft, please, try living in reality

    I know that people are going to judge me based solely on my appearance. I know that I'm more likely to get that promotion at work if I look 'sexy', rather than 'I just got out of bed'. Looking 'fat' looks bad in today's society. People will think, "well, she doesn't respect herself or else she wouldn't look like that. Therefore, I'm not going to respect her". Yes, this is illogical, but this happens. I only give a damn about this because other people give a (nonsensical) damn about this, and their opinion of me is important to my well-being.

    Our biological emotions don't go through a logical process to determine a rational answer, it simply goes through a process to determine whatever-the-hell.

  • Everyone says stupid things it is part of human nature. Girls just say more than boys.

    Girls just asked questions if they are concerned, confused, want reassurance, and just to check conversation. Other than that it is part of the norm for the 21st century. People say stupid stuff all the time it is what makes us human. Some people just say more stuff they should know themselves but what is the problem with that we all are different and we should FEEL CONFIDENT in OURSELVES no matter if we asked stupid questions or not. Maybe they know they are asking questions like that and is trying to fix their problem but is having a hard time with their problem it happens we all have our problems no matter how stupid different or strange it may seem to be. Put yourself in their shoes how would you feel if you were feeling down and said something stupid and then got criticized by the people around you. What would you feel then?

  • There are no stupid questions only stupid answers

    There are no stupid questions only stupid answers and this question is likely one asked by a person who spouted off an answer that wasn't taken well. A little tact and a white lie is appropriate and often expected when this question is asked. Unless there is a problem where weight is a health risk let it be answered by tact. People, women especially, should never hesitate to ask questions. Also, it is possible the answer to a male oriented question of "Is it in yet?, "Is it big enough?", or "Was it good for you?" has been asked with the same hope of a tactful answer. It may be best to keep this thought in mind when worrying about the "stupid" questions women ask.

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I have a feeling there's going to be some bitter men in this poll.
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More bitter women..

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