• Every woman should travel alone some time

    Traveling alone teaches you self-awareness, self-confidence and self-reliance not to mention educating you about other perspectives and cultures. You'll learn more in a week than you would sitting at home in a year. Research your destination and take security precautions. You take a greater risk driving your car to work every day than traveling internationally. Don't be put off by scare stories, serious incidents are rare that's why they make the headlines.

  • Women should not travel alone

    The world now is so dangerous. I read some news in India where gang rapes happen recently. The victims traveling in a bus, a public transportation using by many kinds of peopls, got raped by a group of bad men. Therefore, it is totally unreasonable and risky for anyone to travel to a new country alone. Moreover, thieves are in everywhere and they focus on who is less secured. It is ultimately better if you go with friends or your family members. It's so much fun to chat with others and share feeling when traveling.

  • No, no one should travel alone.

    It's much easier for wrongdoers to take advantage of a single person than two people. Two people can stand back-to-back in a fight. But a single person can be easily surrounded.
    Women especially are quite vulnerable than, as women are perceived as being physically weak. This perception can entice wrongdoers to behave violently.

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