• I don't agree with the premise that voting in general is a fundamental right.

    Our fundamental God given rights are listed in the bill of rights as far as I am concerned.

    The vote of a scholar like Thomas Sowell should not be equivalent to that of a retard or unthinking member of a mob. I'm not entirely sure about the execution of this belief though. I rather like the original structure of Congress where the Senate is chosen through stage congresses while the house of representatives is chosen by the popular vote of the people.

    I would probably amend the senate to be chosen by more scholarly figures rather than state senates. Perhaps an advanced entrance examination to the voting. I could foresee some issues there with tests being unfairly graded or some other mischief like they did with the literacy tests back in the day.

    With this split design of congress, Neither the people or the elites can really advance much without each others support. It prevents the elites from trampling completely over the people and the people from becoming an irrational mob that creates legislative hell like we see today. In other words, It encourages the elite to better convince the people and the people to listen, Preventing a misalignment between the two spheres.
    This way the scholarly elite also still need the consent of the people to make significant changes.

    I am curious about the cognitive differences between men and women. Its not like I can pop myself into a woman and see what its like to think as a woman. I am not really convinced that there is no difference. Women are often seen as the more irrational sex, Which maybe is due to hormones, Maybe its not true at all, But I'm curious. It is quite a societal taboo at the moment but it should really get some attention.

    Anyways, Curious to see what y'all think.

  • It's beneficial for everyone in the world

    Woman can help. It's not like men are smarter than women. Woman can be smart and make good choices! There's nothing wrong if women voting to be a states rights issue. :D If you're a man, Imagine you're a woman and you're treated like this- =. =
    Let's be fair :)

  • It is debatable

    One one hand I could say states gave up that right when they ratified the 19th amendment but one could also argue for repealing the 19th amendment its tricky I personally would be in favor of repealing the 19th amendment and making it a states rights issue I don't think it will ever happen but I am more interested in other peoples opinion on the matter

  • Cuz women are fuckin stupid pets for the elite

    If you support women you’re a faggot or a nigger.
    Women are so easily convinced if they see you as someone of power. Women join the people who will prop them up no matter how terrible they are.
    f**k goos f**k niggers and f**k the 19th

    (This post was made by the anti-nigger association of America)

  • Ummm, Should Men Voting Be A States Right Issue?

    I'm certain that the people who voted yes wouldn't agree with this. So why should women get different treatment? Give me one, Just one, Good reason as to why women should be potentially stripped from their basic right, That they've already fought way to hard to obtain.

    Suffragettes For Life

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