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  • It's a matter of taste

    We can wear whatever we want. No one can command us. I should wear only the comfy bra. Luckily, I discovered for myself cosabella brand and now I order bras only in their official store . The quality is fantastic. The bras are soft and very pleasant to skin. I love it!

  • Nobody can say whether women "should" wear bras or not

    You have to vote yes or no on opinions, but I really feel as if I'm lying here. It's not right to say "Women should wear bras." It's not right to say "Women shouldn't wear bras." Women can wear whatever they want. If a man feels a woman is being "too sexual", or "not sexual enough", he can look away.

  • Not Unless They Want To,

    This question is a bit vague. Some women, if they are really large-breasted, would probably look better and be more comfortable in a bra, but they shouldn't have to if they don't want to. I personally think bras are uncomfortable, but it's my choice, and it should be my choice whether or not I want to wear them.

  • This question needs elaboration.

    This question needs more context. "Should women wear bras?" As in, are we asking whether they should for health, beauty or style; or as some form of social expectation of decency? Without any context to guide as to why, I can't really make just one single answer. So I'll answer no, but within the connotation that it should be their choice whether or not they desire to wear bras or not.

  • It's Not a Question of 'Should'

    Women shouldn't be made to wear bras or made to not wear them. They should have the option of either and they need to make the decision for themselves. So, the answer is no. Women don't have to feel as if they SHOULD wear a bra. But they can wear them if they want to.

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