• It enhances beauty

    Men need the opposite sex to be beautiful to be attracted to it. Women do not. Men need the women to pay attention and do everything possible to look perfect for them. This includes wearing make up, heels, thongs, etc... This is what is generally expected and what turns guys on.

  • It doesn't need to be a "need"

    Women don't need to wear makeup, I agree with that. However, what about the women who WANT to where it? As it was said previously, wearing makeup invokes an element of enjoyment and happiness. Yes, makeup is sometimes overused and occasionally objectifies women, however when used in the proper manner, makeup is meant to enhance features one possess. In fact, makeup is more of a luxury. Really, it just depends on the usage, but overall, if a woman wants to wear makeup, let her. It is her body and she can decide what to do with it, whether it be beneficial or not.

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  • Not trying to impress anyone.

    Women don't try to impress anyone we mostly do it for ourselves. And if we Feel comfortable with it let us do it tbh it is none of your business what we do with our face. Girls should be able to do stuff and Not get judged if we Feel Pretty with it let su do it!!

  • We are not trying to impress men!

    Makeup makes a girl feel more confident in ourselves, society expects girls to act a certain way and look a certain way. And it is really irritating when people say you should not wear makeup, you;re beautiful without it, and I'm like duh I already know. I just wear because I like it.

  • Just because girl's wear makeup, doesn't mean she thinks she is ugly.

    Some girls actually enjoy taking the time to do their makeup and make it look decent. They like to have their "me" time while doing it and maybe listen to music while applying it. There are a ton of different products to use and it is fun to use and buy new items.

  • Why only women?

    Why is that only we women are pressured into wearing that clowny mask? Why is it not expected from men? Historically, men wore makeup at first... Society tells us women we are not beautiful enough without makeup...So sad...While we are used to see men completely natural, why should it be only for women that "we should wear masks.." ? It is extremely sexist.

  • Women Shouldn't Have to Look Pretty to Attract Men

    Women don't need makeup to be attractive. It's today's twisted society that deems beauty is only skin deep. When models are paraded down runways and Miss Universe is crowned, the cosmetics industry claims females need to alter their appearances to look beautiful. Internet dating is a prime example of how appearances don't matter. How many relationships are formed today by the click of a mouse as opposed to an ogle across the room?

  • To be free...Free yourself

    Embrace being natural . Real beauty should come from inside. We can still look nice without make up. Hygiene is more important. Plus we don't need all the chemicals . Any woman who feels like she needs to wear make up is a slave of the capitalist world. Be free .

  • Makeup is just a mask.

    Most women who wear makeup do it because they don't see the beauty in themselves. Society has painted this picture of women that isn't true. Makeup is supposed to make people feel better, to cover up the imperfections. But in reality makeup is doing the opposite. When you see a perfect women walking down the street it makes you feel bad because you have imperfections, you don't look like that. But she has imperfections too. Makeup masks all the ugly hings

  • You're lying to everyone, including yourself.

    You don't need to lie about how you look. If you don't like something about your skin then fix it, if you're eyelashes aren't long enough use castor oil on them. Just accept your flaws because no matter how much you cover up uoi will never be able to change how you trully are.

  • Cruelty to puppies

    Most makeup is tested on animals. You may be thinking. WELL so what, they wont die from it. WRONG. Companies make animals eat or put mascara in their eyes, and force them to eat nail polish. This is to test if it will poison them. 70% of the time, they die from it. Women should feel beautiful naturally anyways.

  • Women have natural beauty.

    All women have natural beauty. Every "flaw," that is said to be on a woman's face, may be another man's treasure. They shouldn't need to cover up their natural-born beauty to impress anyone because someone will end up loving her no matter what! All the freckles, beauty marks and moles are the reasons why someone should love her MORE.

  • It hides your true beauty, and makes you less confident.

    Your still gorgeous even without it. There is also harmful chemicals in makeup that could damage your skin, along with proven studies that show it promotes acne, when some try to cover it up. And your gorgeous, with or without it, whatever anyone says. But it's still your own choice and free will, so your allowed to make your own decision.

  • Inner beauty is more important than your outer beauty

    Mostly girls now a day are so obsessed about their outer beauty and forget about their inner appearance .All the makeup that you put on your face is harmful to your skin.There is no use of using this things if your ugly and evil in the inside .You must worry about your inner appearance because that what matter the most

  • Hide their real faces.

    If women hide their real faces, they teach men to appreciate them only with makeup. By the majority of women wearing makeup, men get false image of the real female beauty. Unfortunatelly this already happened in the modern societies, that is why today women without makeup are considered less attractive.

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