Should women wear pants and shorts more often than not?

  • Because why not?

    I'm totally fine with skirts and dresses for woman but personally, I'm more attracted to girls wearing pants or shorts (don't ask why) plus I just have to say that I think leggings are more attractive than skirts in my personal opinion so why not, We live in a democracy so green light to anyone who agrees or disagrees?

  • Why Is That A Question

    The way you're asking this question is partially sexist. I get what you're saying as in, "Should women BE ABLE to wear pants and shorts more often? " Wording it how you did is like saying, "I want you to wear pants and shorts because it gives me pleasure. " But I think women should be able to.

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Shamayita says2020-10-27T15:24:11.677
Let them wear whatever they want to. Personally I'm more into pants and shorts rather than skirts.
Anonymous says2020-10-27T15:44:11.353
Totally agree with you. I did not say I don't want females wearing skirts. I just said females look better when wearing pants or shorts in my personal view.

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