• Yes they should UNLESS there is an absolute reason

    I think women should go to jail for having abortions because that is taking another human being life. If you can lay down and open your legs then you can be woman enough to take care of that baby . Unless someone was raped and didn't want the baby period, there is no valid reason on why there should be an abortion taking place. Simple

  • Killing An Innocent Child

    Its murder, your killing an innocent child. If they aren't in the position to care for the child ten shouldn't of laid up and spread their legs....I understand if it was because of rape but the child didn't do anything......Honestly it should count as 1st degree murder and thats my stance on the topic at hand.

  • Say NO to abortion!

    Killing someone is against the law. When you abort you are killing someone. Even if the baby is just a few weeks old aborting is killing it. If the women got pregnant its her fault for not taking pills and even if they where raped its not okay to kill someone.

  • They should at least get life in prison

    I don't see why killing a baby should be any different than killing any human,you are taking away the same human life,so why in the world would it be any different,and why in the world should it be cosidered extreme to give life in prison to a mother who has an abortion or a doctor who administrates one.And frankly i don't think it's extreme to give the death penalty for abortion just like by regular murder because although they the go by two differant names in reality they are one and the same.

  • Well, since murder is illegal, then abortion should be as well.

    Because abortion is essentially killing your unborn baby just because you either do not want it or you can not take care of it. And I absolutely understand if you can not take care of your unborn baby. But then give birth to your child and give it up for adoption. And those saying, " Well, what about the rape victims?" Here is the thing, don't you think that they would feel even more guilty once they realize that they killed an innocent child.

  • Wearing condoms are not the same as an abortion

    That condoms-same-as-abortion notion is ridiculous. That's like saying that every married man is guilty of murdering 3 1/2 billion people because they could have married all those other women and produced a different baby.

    Women should definitely go to jail for their abortions. No question about it. A baby that already exists is a human being.

  • No to abortion

    God should have a saying in this bcuz he is the one who is creating the life form. God has a few zero tolerance laws and abortion is one of them. How would u feel if u were aborted? God creates life not for the mother to be but for the life he is creating. God loves us all. His love for us lead to our creation along with the animals, plants, and universe. Without gods love we would not exist. Please let the baby be born, if u don't want the baby? There is a thing called adoption. Just bcuz u don't want the baby, doesn't mean everyone else in the world don't want the baby either. NO TO ABORTION, YES TO LIFE.

  • Women who have abortions should go to jail.

    Since I am writing a school paper, I believe that all the statements that the women on the no side are quite true. If a women is raped or has a terminal illness that women shouldn't go to jail, but if there is no valid reason then why have sex in the first place. Like someone said if you can lay down and spread your legs, and suck this and lick that, then you should be women enough to take care of a child. I also agree with someone on the no side who said " A poor household with no future is not the way to raise a child". This is all understandable, so give the child to foster care, and even if you have a friend, family member or someone you know who cant have babies give it to them rather than killing it. After a women has at least 2 abortions they should go to jail, because you keep wanting to have sex and the outcome is pregnancy. 53 million abortions have bben done since the Supreme Court legalized it in 1973, from that year to 2011 that's how many were legally done. There has been a lot more over the past 3 years. 3,332 are performed everyday now you do the math....... Yup that's 1,216,180 abortions per year. So you can go both ways yay or nay, but I believe women should go to jail after giving up their children 3 times and having an abortion twice.

  • No they shouldn't

    I do not believe in abortion, but that means that I personally will never have one. I think that abortion should be legal. I do not think that people who have abortions should go to jail or be punished in any way. I think abortions are a persons choice and they have a right to make the decision for themselves.

  • Abortion is not a criminal offence.

    Women who have abortions are not criminals. Sometimes they have no choice whether or not to get an abortion. Women have their own rights to do what they want with their bodies and if they do not feel like they would be fit mothers or want to abort for another reason they should be able to do so without criminal punishment.

  • Women Have Rights

    If women who have abortions get taken to jail, then men should go to jail for wearing condoms during sex. Both acts accomplish the same thing--using sex for pleasure and not for procreation. That antiquated idea belongs in the Dark Ages. Humans should have sex for fun and not just for making babies. Although abortion should be the final option and more education at younger ages is appropriate, a woman's body is her own to do what she pleases.

  • Women who have abortions should not go to jail.

    Women who have abortions should not go to jail. I think that if a woman wants to have an abortion that should be between her and her doctor. If a woman was raped would you throw her in jail with the person that did that to her, too? I think abortions should be left up to the individual and everyone else should not be in their business.

  • Abortion is wrong, but not a crime.

    I am not the biggest supporter of an abortion unless it is a very extreme case. That being said, I do not think it is a crime to have an abortion done, or at least a serious of enough one to face definite jail time. Should there be a fine? Yes.

  • Yes to abortion

    If a women does not wish to go through nine months of torture regardless of it being rape or not she should not have to. That should be her right alone and nobody else choice for her. If you really think that forcing a woman against her will to have something, that I honestly wouldn't even call a child or an actual person since it not actually born, a good thing, then you need to get some serious help.

  • Women who have abortions should not go to jail.

    I think in the cases where women have abortions simply because they are not in the position to care for the child are doing more right than wrong. It is a good move because they are doing the child a favor by not giving it the opportunity to exist in an environment where the child is no better than being dead. A poor household or no future is no place for a child.

  • No

    No, women who have abortions should not go to jail. It is a perfectly legal procedure and they have done nothing wrong.

    While I would never be emotionally able to have an abortion, I believe that every woman should have the right to make her own choices regardless of how other people feel about them.

    People need to realize that they can't make choices for everyone else and let this issue go.

    Not to mention, there would be the gray area for women who aborted a pregnancy for health reasons. She should go to jail for wanting to live? Seems a bit harsh to me.

  • No, Abortion Is Legal

    Because the Supreme Court settled the issue of abortion, it is legal in the United States of America. Unless the Supreme Court reverses Roe V. Wade, it will stay legal. So, having an abortion is not a cause for arrest and for prison time. Besides, the jails in this country are already overcrowded.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Abortion is a choice

    Abortion is the choice of the mother. I do not feel that abortion is the same as murdering. I cannot justify aborting an unborn child to be considered murder. The thought of sending a woman to jail because she chose abortion is a joke. People need to understand that abortion is a choice and a right.

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