Should women who receive an abortion be given the death penalty?

  • Because they killed their unborn child.

    Abortion is the act of murder and should be treated the same. If she gave the doctors permission to kill her child, Then she should be executed for it for giving the order. Abortion is wrong and those of you who think it is right will burn in Hell one day. Go die, Pro abortion pricks.

  • Yes because they committed the crime

    Of destroying a life. They have committed sin, And should be properly punished. In the worst case, They at least should receive life-imprisonment. Ending a life is a crime of highest level, So death penalty is justifiable. Any life that comes from that woman after would forever have to bear the burden of coming out of an evil person, Who destroyed a life.

  • It is murder and should be treated as such

    Abortion is murder. It is the killing of an innocent life. You know what happens when someone murders a person? They get put to death. Executing a murderer is the appropriate punishment for taking away an innocent life. But if a women kills her unborn child, She's allowed to run free? That makes no sense. Why doesn't the women get put to death? Why isn't she labeled a murderer? Allowing evil women to kill innocent children is wrong and they should be punished.

  • Life is valuable. Something to be cherished not just thrown away.

    If women keep getting abortions and killing life then they themselves contribute to lowering the value of human life on this earth. Think about it. . . . That life you just killed could have been anything in this world. The endless opportunities that awaited that life are now crushed. It is only fair to the deceased baby that the women be punished since a fetus is too vulnerable to defend it's self nor seek any justice.

  • Absolutely not, That is not ethical.

    Don't get me wrong, I am completely against abortion and the Death penalty, But those who receive an abortion should be consoled and forgiven. It is NOT Christian to kill someone else for their sin.
    Most people who have abortions regret it.
    By doing this, You're throwing away another life, And you're approving of murder.

  • This is ridiculous

    I cannot believe the answers I'm reading. Of course they shouldn't be given the death penalty, Are you kidding? If the woman's life was in danger or she was raped, Should she be punished for something that wasn't her fault? The life of an adult woman is arguably more precious than the life of an undeveloped fetus. Everyone who answered yes is probably a man.

  • An eye for an eye makes the world blind

    Opinions on abortion should not matter in this argument. The death penalty is reserved for people who have committed mass murders or unspeakable rape or child torture.
    Plus, Think about the woman's rights. It's her body, Whether you like it or not. If someone forced a child into and made you carry it for nine months, With risk of dying at any point, One should be able to choose whether or not they want to. If there was a pregnancy because of rape, Or incest, Or even just a woman not able to financially support a child, They shouldn't be forced to raise them. A child in a household where they aren't wanted is just as, If not more, Abusive.

  • Oh, For goodness sake. . .

    My feelings on abortion are irrelevant here. In what twisted logic does two deaths right one? In the same breath you are willing to label another as evil for committing virtually the same crime you yourself are touting. Beyond that, There are inevitably individual circumstances surrounding pregnancy, From health risks, To criminal victimhood, To the possibility that that termination was a mercy to the unborn child. You don't know. You can't know. Do you also believe that a man who rapes and impregnates that woman should be killed? Or is it only the woman who is evil? And since you brought up 'sin, ' what of the genocides in the Bible? There is far too much proverbial gray area here. Perhaps you should skip ahead in your gospel readings to the New Testament.

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