• Of course they can!

    Not allowing women in construction would be a mistake; there are many women out there who are perfect for the job. Gender shouldn't determine what men and women do, they are equal. Women can do everything that men can, and have proven that in the recent years, now that gender equality has become more of a main aim.

  • This shouldnt even be a question! Lol of course we can! And we do!

    We can do what guys can do. Obv some stuff is harder but men also have their disadvantages..Women arnt pathetic housewives. We arnt slaves shackled to the kitchen. Boys who think this is still the 1950's need to get taught a lesson. We arnt your b*tch. So back off and let us work our magic ;)

  • Should this even be a question?

    We are in the year 2014. Women can be just as physically strong as men; it depends on your lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) I am relieved that so far nobody has said 'no' to this because I would be absolutely disgusted. Society needs to wake up and realise that women can do what men can do, and vice versa!

  • Yes they should!

    Society and Religion are the seed to sex stereotypes. This isn't the '50's anymore. Although things are changing, many things are still old fashioned. Cooking was once for "women only", guess what? MEN dominate that job now! More often now, both sexes are switching roles for the better. Both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses. Wake up society!

  • They're made for sandwiches!!!

    Women are all weak and tiny. Men are built for it. Women are made for making sandwiches, not houses. Why do we want them to build out structures? They will fail. You need strength to create a sturdy building. Women should work at subway where they can make sandwiches all day long. They're useless for construction!

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