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  • Gender does not matter

    It does not matter who is wearing a military uniform as long as that person can perform all the tasks expected from a soldier. For long it has been debated that women should not join army because of three main reasons- a) physically weaker compared to men-- Yes, there is no denying this fact but as I already said as long as she is able to do the expected jobs, there is no valid argument to ask her to stand down. This fact states that under normal circumstances, a male is physically stronger compared to a female of same age and background(remember this may be false, in certain cases).

    b)prisoner of war and torture-- I don't think that males and females feel pain differently. They may have different pain bearing thresholds but with continued training and effort, this difference can be minimized(I do not think it can be eliminated).

    c) sexual abuse- this is a very serious issue and it can be eliminated using only strict discipline, sound mental health of soldiers and increasing the number of females in troop or making female troops so that they do not feel alienated.
    Another argument in favor of women is that they are supposed to have evolved to become good managers and we can exploit this fact by granting them base station jobs. The bottom line is - women should work in military, provided they pass the EXACTLY same tests and with same criteria as men do. After all we can not compromise with nation's security.

  • Yes, They Should.

    I think that it is safe to say that women should be allowed to work in the armed forces. They already have been doing so for many years now, and have earned their place in the military. In fact, they do a better job than men in certain areas of expertise.

  • Yes, women should work in the military.

    Yes, women should work in the military. Women are just as capable at serving our country as men are. This being said, the qualifications should not be lower for women than for men. If women can qualify for the same job as men then there is no reason whatsoever that they should not be allowed to perform it.

  • Women are physically and mentally weaker than men

    Neo-marxist science and the libtard government will make you think that women can fight in the military but this is not true they have lower upper body strengh and on average have a less dense and smaller brain than men. They are also in their nature traitors and will betray one side for the opposing force just to get a d*ck before marriage. Just look at Killary and her evil eye contact and wanting to nuke Russia so no. Boys rule girls drool.

    Posted by: Hum
  • Not if they can't pass the same PT test.

    I believe women should be allowed to be in front line duty only if they can preform the same on a pt test as man can. They should have to preform in combat the same way that men do. The standards cannot be dumbed down for women because then they become a burden to their unit.

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