• Women should work outside. They should never be cooped up inside the house. Thats so lame

    Women will feel stuffy and if they want to work outside they have every right to. There is no reason why they should work inside. Inside theres no where to go except the bathroom or ur work area. But outside if ur working u feel more free and happy. Who wants to be trapped all day when the clear sky is right outside, and i feel like u have more room to roam about and work. Not just at some stupid desk where ur expected to sit all day and do paperwork. Ur butts must really get sore.

  • Yes, fresh air is good for both sexes.

    Yes, women should work outside, if they want to, because there is nothing inherent about a woman that makes fresh air bad for them. To the contrary, many women would enjoy working outside, because they could enjoy fresh air all the time. There are a lot of opportunities available for women in the working world, and they should have their choice of working environments.

  • If women want to work outside, yes, absolutely

    There's no real rational argument as to why women should not be allowed to work outside if that's what they want to be doing. I'd like to think we've progressed enough as a society that the idea of women laboring outdoors isn't going to bother anybody, whether it does or not, it certainly shouldn't.

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