Should women's issues be a focus of the second Presidential debate?

  • Yes they should because women are more mature.

    Women should be presidents because they have a higher maturity level then most men. I feel that it is a stereotype to say they can't. Also, it would make sense to have women as presidents because they have great ideas, strong beliefs and a more feminine take on most things. That is why I think we should have women as presidents.

  • Todd Akin's Comments Put War on Women Front and Center

    The second presidential debate focused on foreign policy. Yet more domestic issues might have been better served to pique interest in the debate. Women's issues were one thing brought up during the summer with the health care and contraception issue in addition to Rep. Todd Akin's issues with pregnancy and "legitimate rape."

  • Yes

    Obama agrees with the ruling and believes that it should be a woman’s choice as to what to do with her body. Romney believes that a life is formed at conception and therefore believes that abortion should be illegal. Romney wants the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and give the decision on abortion to the states since it is such a divided issue. Romney also supports the Hyde amendment, which prohibits federal funding for abortions.

  • Women's Issues

    Women's issues should be focus of the second Presidential debate so that voters can realize which candidate truly has women's rights in mind. Issues like abortion and contraception must be covered since there are those who unfortunately believe decisions about these topics should be made by men and not women.

  • Yes women's issues should be a focus of the debate.

    Women are just as important to the human race as man. Anything the President plans to put through the United States can harm or benefit women. They should be the focus of the debate, there are just as many women that vote as men. We are all US citizens and should be included in the Presidential plans for America.

  • Women's issues should be a focus of the second Presidential debate.

    Women's issues are an important part of the political dialog. Of course, they should be discussed in he presidential debates. Voters should know as much about the candidates as they can before choosing which one to vote for. Women especially should know the candidates views on issues which concern them.

  • No I think we had more important things to concern ourselves with

    Women's issues are meant to be personal anyway and should stay that way, there shouldn't be a need for debate on that. What SHOULD be debated is why there's no transparency in our government, why we have to do things entirely by the book yet they don't, and overall why they are held to a different standard than we are. THAT'S what needs debating not whether the government can tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body or not.

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