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Should Women's Nipples be shown uncensored on Public TV in America

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  • No all privates should be censored on public TV

    I don't know why it is so hard for people to understand there you can't say the F word on public TV why should you show boobs I mean what's next D*cks on public TV really just no I don't want kids going on free TV channels and seeing privates and being scared for life

  • No, I don't believe so.

    It is not to oppress them or anything, So please do not misunderstand my point of view.

    While allowing women's nipples to be shown on Public TV may do some good, It will do more harm.

    First off - things like this have cause girls (and boys) to not be hired.

    Second off - It can cause car crashes and stuff (if a man is viewing TV, And he is either straight, Bi, Or female-attracted, Then he will get distracted and not be able to function; I have noticed even men and women not attracted women get distracted by them, So it could go far beyond that). It will probably cause car crashes to go from less than 30% of all car crashes (yes, Women commit over 70%) to over 50%, Probably.

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