Should women's rights become prioritized over LGBT rights?

  • Yes, I think women's rights should be prioritzied over LGBT rights.

    I think because there are far more women then LGBT people in the nation that focusing more on women only makes sense, there is no reason different groups can't advocate for both women's and LGBT rights but overall I think the focus should always be on the group with the larger amount of members.

  • Everybody is equal, regardless of gender identity or sexuality.

    As an egalitarian, I believe strongly we are all equal. LGBTQIA+ rights and equality include cisgender females, trans females, and all genders.
    To solve problems that are inherently related, feminists, egalitarians, and LGBTQIA+ rights fighters must team up and work together. We can't say "Cis Women matter more than non-binary identifiers, transwomen, transwomen of colour, demigirls, intersex, ect." because that totally diminishes the purpose of LGBTQIA+ rights and feminism altogether. We must work together, no more elitists attitudes over labels. Prioritizing one group over another will most likely cause more problems.

  • Women's rights should not become prioritized over LGBT rights.

    Women's rights should not become prioritized over LGBT rights. Women have not been given rights and then had them taken away over and over. It is about time that the LGBT rights become an issue and they are given the same rights as anyone else. The LGBT community deserves to be treated better.

  • All rights matter

    No rights or conquest of equality should trump the desirability of another. They should all find the intersections in their causes and use the increased ties and relationships between movements to advance their causes. All people are equal, and it makes no sense to step on someones toes when advancing your own rights.

  • Civil rights are civil rights.

    The point of arguing for Women's rights and LGBT rights is the same argument. A group of people are not getting treated equally, and that group is fighting to get equal treatment. There should not be priorities set on which group gets treated more equally. The conversation should be about all people being treated equally.

  • No group's rights are more important than any other

    No group's rights are more important than any other group's rights. Women and members of the LGBT community are equally deserving of rights, and neither group should be prioritized over the other. In the United States, the idea that everyone is equal and equally deserving of the same rights is fundamental to our democracy. Prioritizing one groups rights over another gives that group special status.

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