Should women's sports have just as much media coverage as men's sports?

  • Why shouldn't they?

    I think women should get equal coverage as men, it is so unfair and stupid that men get so much attention for doing sport in the media and women get hardly any. For example, for winning last year's men football World Cup in Brazil, Germany's team received about £23m - but this year the USA team that won the Women's World Cup only received around £1.3m.

  • Yes, women's sports deserve coverage as much as men.

    Women's sports should have just as much media coverage of men's sports. There are so many good female athletes who are not that well known because the media has always focused on men's sports. Women over the years have gotten more and more equality, and sports is one such arena where there should be equal coverage.

  • Women's Sports Just As Exciting

    In an ideal world, women's sports should get as much media attention as men's sports. Games are exciting to watch, whether it's the NCAA women's volleyball championship or the FIFA Women's World Cup. Unfortunately, men's sports get more ratings, more advertising and more press. Led by the NFL, men dominate the sports world with daily media coverage from at least four major sports leagues. Women should get equal coverage from the media, but they don't because of the aforementioned ratings.

  • Women do not compete at the same level as men.

    The same reason why AAA baseball doesnt get as much coverage as MLB baseball, because people sre interested in watching the best of the best play and it just so happens, at least in the major sports, no woman can come close to the talent of their male counterparts. Why would something deserve more coverage if no one is going to watch it?

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