Should Women's World Cup Players Get Paid the Same as Men?

  • Yes they should

    Girl footballers put the same time, The same dedication and the same effort into their football skills but they get paid less? Even if there are not as many viewers the woman should still be paid the same amount.

  • Comparing Apples to Oranges

    Men’s soccer and women’s soccer are not the same. The men’s game generates far more revenue worldwide that is then distributed to the respective soccer federations.

    This has nothing to do with performance on the field of the US men vs the US women. The US women have enjoyed more success because they face hardly any competition in their World Cup tournaments. Until the 1970s, Most soccer federations actually banned women’s soccer. As one of the original women’s soccer teams, The US has had a natural advantage - a sign of how far ahead the US is compared to the rest of the world in women’s sports.

    Meanwhile, The men’s team has had trouble competing because they are late to the game. Soccer has never been as big of a draw for our best male athletes compared to other sports in the US - football, Basketball, Baseball. Therefore, It’s been an uphill climb to take on the best teams in the world where soccer is engrained in culture (Brazil, Germany, France, Etc). For this reason, One could argue that it is more impressive for the US men to even make the round of 16 of a World Cup than it is for the US women to win a World Cup.

  • More views means more money that's not sexists

    3. 5 billion people watched the men's world cup in 2018. In contrast the women world cup has had 750 million views. Since more people watched the mens world cup that means the men's world cup made more in add revenue and tickets sold, So the male players should get more money because the men's world cup made a lot more then the women's world cup. Another example of a gender making more money in a certain field is modeling. Women make more in modeling because they get more attention then male models, This is fair because if one gender makes revenue in a specific field they should get payed more.

  • It's all about viewers

    Women world cup players should not get paid the same as men because the women's world cup attracts much fewer viewers world-wide and by extension, Attracts much less advertising revenue. It's not a matter of fairness but of value creation on behalf of the players. If women attract as many viewers, Than of course they deserve equal pay.

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