• Workers should be given more vacation.

    It is statistically shown that workers in the US are some of the most overworked individuals in the developed world. Workers in Japan are often given recognition for naps at work because it shows the dedication to work. Only receiving 2 weeks maximum vacation time per year is extremely tiring, and it gives no time to spend with family. Well rested workers have also been shown to perform better at work.

  • Yes, workers should be given more vacation time.

    I believe that all workers should receive by law 3-6 weeks of paid vacation. Vacation time is necessary for the health and well being of workers. Most people who work jobs that provide few to no benifits do not receive any vacation time, even if they work full time. This is damaging to the psyche of people who cannot afford to miss a day of work because they can't afford giving up the money they would earn working.

  • US workers absolutely need more

    It's well known that US workers work more hours than most other first world countries. While automation has reduced the amount of work we have to do, it hasn't reduced our hours. We are less efficient than ever because we have little time off and less work to do. We spend far too much time at work.

  • Workers deserve more vacation

    We as workers spend over one-third of our time at work if not more. Most people get an average of 10-15 days of Vacation time. That is the equivalent of 2-3 weeks compared to a whole year. We are all one way or another married to are jobs and really shouldn't be. It would be great if we all got more vacation time because afterwards I believe more production would happen and more would get done in the long run.

  • No, I do not think workers should be given more vacation time.

    I do not agree with giving workers more vacation time. The term vacation time means paid time off. I do think the amount people get in various jobs is adequate. If people want more time for holidays, they can always request for it. They will just not get paid for it.

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