• Sounds like a good idea, production will be owned by the workers more.

    Bringing back cottage industry would be a good idea. It would make the means of production more owned by the workers of the world. People won't have to be pushed around by their employers anymore, and they could still provide for themselves and be productive. I say, let's do it!

  • Technology allows work from home.

    There is little reason why many employees shouldn't be given the option to work from home. With today's technology, lots of jobs can be done just as proficiently from home. Many people might find it beneficial to be able to work from home at least for part of the week, especially if they have children or a hectic schedule.

  • No, working from home should not be the norm

    Although working from home has its advantages such as, not using gas,, not having to build more buildings, being able to work in your pajama's, there are too many downfalls. Such as social exclusion and putting construction out of work. Without the need of the work place, many blue collar workers would be out of business, which in turn would hurt our economy. There would also be no need for day care.

  • It Shouldn't Be

    Working from home is becoming more common and has its advantages but I do not think that it should be the norm. I know many people that claim there are many set backs from working from home such as isolation, too much down time, and many other things that hurt productivity.

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