Should working women be called half persons as described by Turkey's president?

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  • No, every person should be treated as a "complete person."

    No, working women should not be called "half persons." I do not believe that any person should be seen as a "half person." Women, whether workers or stay-at-home mothers, are contributing to society, either by adding to the workforce or by helping raise the next generation. Many working women also have a lot of domestic work to manage and therefore may indeed be considered "double persons." I also believe that women should have the right to choose their life path and not be discriminated against for choosing to work instead of raise a family.

  • Working women should not be called half persons as described by Turkey's president

    Working women should not be called half persons as described by Turkey's president. However, we must recognize that this is a battle of cultures. What we find unacceptable is perfectly acceptable in other countries. While we may not like it, it really is none of our business. Perhaps we have other more pressing issues to be concerned with.

  • No, such sexist language has no place in modern society.

    No, there is no situation where working women should be called half persons in this day and age. We have reached a point in our society where women can occupy equal social standing with men and carry out many of the same tasks traditionally given to men. Therefore, female progress should dispel any notion of women still being considered as inferior to men, let alone being considered as only half of a man.

  • No, all people are created equal and nobody should be called a half person.

    No, Turkey's president, in whatever context, was not correct to call working women half persons. It is unacceptable to call any individual a half person in any sense as it is demeaning and simply makes no sense. Everyone is equal, and it is especially bad for someone of political importance to be making statements like this that belittle any group, whether it be a gender, ethnicity, or economic class.

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