Should workplace harassment be grounds for termination?

  • People should behave like adults in the workplace

    Workplace harassment should be grounds for termination. Most people who work at least an 8 hour day on average are going to be working a minimum of 40 hours/week. They will spend a majority of their day involved with work related activities. The notion of being harassed in a place where you spend so much time is perfectly ridiculous.

  • Yes, it creates a hostile environment.

    Yes, workplace harassment should definitely be grounds for termination. Workers often spend more waking hours in the work place than they do with their families. Jobs are stressful and when an employee starts harassing another employee, the stress factor goes sky high and makes it difficult to perform a job correctly. Employers should be willing to terminate the individual doing the harassing before it impacts their work force and productivity.

  • Yes It Should

    If an employee harasses another employee then that should be grounds for termination. I believe this should be the case each and every time this happens. I have been harassed in many different cases under varying circumstances and the employee responsible was never punished in any particular case. This happens all too often in the American workplace.

  • Yes it should be

    However when it comes to the harassment it may depend on the exact issue that we are talking about. Certain things may not necessarily be grounds for people to be fired however, other things that are in the range of harrassment should be. I think we might have to look at the issue by issue.

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