• Yes, why not?

    This hardware was made to be used. It is highly likely that it will be used and that the whole event will be sabotaged by the side that possesses genius. If you think you can win and you think that it improves your position then why not. If you disagree with this opinion then, answer a simple question. Why make this stuff?

    I think the next world war should be 'the war to end all wars' Lets have a right good clean nuclear fight and dispense with the ugliness and the familiarity, of having to identify and eyeball 'our enemy' Let's leave the earth to the plants and to whatever oddities the radiation creates. Let's make a ghost town out of this place and be done with it. That is the way it is heading.
    I'm for nuclear, all the way.

  • Insignificant question ?

    So I guess what the real question is why should there even be a world war 3. Instead of asking if I should be nuclear how about ask how to prevent it, or what we can do besides nukes. I guess if it came down to it and there was no other way than to have a World War three there would be no choice nukes would fly. However I feel like America would be one of the last to use it

  • How about no.

    Yes there is new technology being made but that doesn't mean that there should be a nuclear war. That is crazy, if we had a nuclear war then people would have to leave or go underground for about 20 years until it would be safe again to come out. Wow

  • How about no WWIII?

    Wow, there's a crazy idea, no war?! *Gasps* No, we don't need any wars. We should make peace with people, and only attack when we need self-defense. To me it's like this, you know tae kwon do, and you carry a gun and a knife. Do you use them on a random subject? Or do you use them in self-defense only?

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