Should xenophobia and nativism extend to products made in other countries?

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  • It shouldn't exist, let alone extend.

    Xenophobia and nativism are both things that should be discouraged, no matter what the reason or excuse might be. They don't do anything to help the local economy. In fact, they might just hurt it when other nations slap tariffs on us for the resulting protectionism. Buying the best product at the best price should be natural, no matter where it was made.

  • No it should not.

    We could use products from overseas. They are useful and get us items for cheap. We need cheap goods more than we need people getting paid high wages. It's much easier to live cheaper than to get paid higher. You can always find ways to cut costs and this is a great help.

  • No, it should not.

    What is the problem with countries importing and exporting products and goods to one another? It builds relationships between nations, stops everyone from being insular, and cuts down on the chance of war. The wages of workers is the major problem with a global economy such as this. That's what needs to be addressed.

  • No, I don't think xenophobia and nativism should extend to products made in other countries.

    I think that if a nation stops importing products from other countries because of xenophobic reasons that would be a large mistake, it would anger the nation that normally exports that product to the nation because now they have to find a new market to sell the product to and it hurts the xenophobic nation because they may not have the tools and resources to properly product that product in their nation.

  • Xenophobia and nativism hinder growth and progress.

    In today's society, I firmly believe that xenophobia and nativism will hinder growth and progress. As the world is becoming more and more interdependent, the United States looks towards other countries to provide products that we cannot normally obtain, and other countries look towards us to do the same. Xenophobic ideals will hinder that progress, as this will slow down economic growth in countries, even more so in countries that the United States currently provides trade to in order to help foster growth in developing nations.

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