• Yes, Within reason

    Pushing someone away just because you do not know them is the world's feeblest excuse. I believe xenophobia should be punishable by an instant fine.

    But then there's one place where pushing someone away is called for. If someone is nosy, Then you should tell them to leave you alone.

  • Xenophobia, like any bigotry, should be condemned.

    It's the irrational reaction to a threat to someone's or group's self-established "pride", "identity" and preservation. Supposedly, it's virtuous to protect and preserve a people's ethnicity, culture or country from foreigners, as if more than one coexisting ethnicity or culture is somehow immoral. The fear is based on the notion that, if all diversities of humanity unite, the uniqueness of the individual and original group would dissolve. Of course, this is absurd. Objectively, every person, regardless of their random birthplace and their originating environment, is still essentially human and share a universal, biological coexistence.

  • It should be severely condemnned.

    Xenophobia, like homophobia, is not a real mental illness. It's just a way of excusing people who like to hate for no discernible reason other than "they're icky to me." Xenophobia is just another word for racism, or bigotry. When people display those tendencies, we should condemn them and make it socially unacceptable.

  • Yes, I think xenophobia should be condemned.

    I don't think it's right for any nation to only be accepting of their own race/citizens. I think xenophobia closes many doors on things such as economic ties on foreign trade and military affairs and overall just creates an environment of distrust and ill will towards one another, I think xenophobia is just a bad ideology overall and should be condemned.

  • No it should not.

    People should be proud of their country and heritage. There are many different types of people and they can not all get along peacefully. People should stick to their own kind and diversity should not be promoted. If someone wants to dislike an outsider that is fine with me. They have their rights.

  • Xenophobia should not be condemned because people misuse it.

    Xenophobia is actually the fear of STRANGERS, not the fear of foreigners. I have severe Xenophobia because I was abused by acquaintances for over a year when I was a small child. I met these guys, whose names I will not give, to appear "cool" to get terrible bullying to stop, but instead they turned on me. These guys were more than twice my size and were armed. They threatened to kill my entire family and make me watch them do it if I ever told anyone about what they were doing to me!

    It certainly didn't help that they knew exactly where I lived. They would always prey on me when I either home alone or on my way back from a depressing day at school. There was a certain path that I could not avoid.I harbored a deep hatred for other people because I didn't want them to hurt me. However, I had a soft spot for the ONE person who'd even bother to stand up for me, and I'll always be grateful for her. It would be years before I would make any new friends. To make matters even more depressing, I never got the therapy I needed for all of this... But now, years later, it won't accomplish anything.

    My Xenophobia forces me to live out each and every single day thinking that someone is trying to kill me and that everyone is a wolf looking at me like they I'm their prey and it's just a matter of time until they attack. I also have severe trust issues, and as a result, my trust is extremely hard to earn. At least there is a way to get around my Xenophobia: asking people for their name. At least another person won't be a complete stranger...

    It's truly sickening and disgusting that people are willing to take a medical condition out of it's original meaning to defend being racist. We should condemn the MISUSE of Xenophobia instead of Xenophobia itself. Is there another phobia can be misused to the extent of Xenophobia? People use this just to defend themselves from an anti-racist public without actually considering the feelings of those affected by this phobia. Is there a discussion for the condemning of Acrophobia (fear of heights)? Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)?

  • Xenophobia's misuse should be condemned.

    As a sufferer of this condition myself, I can say that it is NOT about race. I grew up in a place in the United States where racism was practically non-existent: The San Joaquin valley in California. California was a free state during the civil war, which greatly reduced the racial tensions.

    But back to my story, I was abused by acquaintances for over a year, and eventually, I harbored a deep hatred for every single person on the planet because I felt that I could not trust anyone. I felt that they were trying to hurt me. I never reported this because they threatened to kill my entire family and to prove that they could, they pressed a gun against my throat. To make matters worse, they knew where I lived. I never got therapy, but I eventually recovered on my own.

    To this day, I have to live with a crippling fear of strangers. I cannot go out in public without thinking someone is trying to kill me. I feel like I have to constantly be on edge and analyze people based on how much of a threat they are to me. I have figured out a loophole in my fears, thankfully. I can ask people for their name and shake hands, and my the fear plummets drastically.

    As I have said, Xenophobia is the fear of STRANGERS, but it's sickening that people use Xenophobia as an excuse to be racist. This misuse of the word "Xenophobia" is the very reason why this discussion even exists. Seriously, have you seen a discussion on whether or not we should condemn Acrophobia (fear of heights) on this site? Exactly. Most people would agree that Acrophobia is not a choice, but Xenophobia is debatable. Coincidence? Hardly. If it was a coincidence, then there would be far fewer people who answered "Yes" to this debate question.

    What we should condemn is the misuse of Xenophobia, not Xenophobia itself. Xenophobia is the fear of strangers, but anyone can change that to mean the "fear of foreigners" or "the fear of others from a different race." It's truly sickening that people can be pathetic enough to use an actual condition out of context to defend themselves, and as a result, the definition of Xenophobia has turned from what was once simply the fear of strangers to an excuse to be racist.

  • A Natural Response

    Xenophobia is a natural response that has been a part of humans for centuries. It is the fear of those from a different country. Xenophobia is certainly an issue in today's world and one that should be sought to improved for those who experience it. I don't think it should be condemned, just corrected.

  • Xenophobia is a condition, not a choice.

    Xenophobia is often not voluntary. It is a compulsion to fear the unknown. Whatever that fear is based on, whether rational or irrational, is what society should work on to eliminate. The xenophobia itself is a symptom of a larger problem. Indoctrination into a nationalist mindset may be the actual problem that should be addressed. Teaching the acceptance at a very basic level of other nationalities should be the focus.

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