Should Xi Jinping Write A Formal Apology To The World For The COVID-19 Pandemic?

  • He Started The COVID-19 Pandemic By Letting COVID-19 Spin Out Of Control

    The COVID-19 pandemic started in Wuhan, China, And Xi Jinping was in charge at the time (but of course he is still now), And he noticed the disease outbreak but he thought it would not be that bad, But whether a disease outbreak is minor or major, It is better to put the place where the outbreak is happening just in case it spins out of control. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact worldwide such as killing businesses, Killing people, Effecting people's mental health because of lockdown (but that was the other governments doing it to stop the spread of the disease, But it was doing some mental harm as well), Causing people inconvenience, Etcetera. I have been struggling with lockdown and social measures a lot and have wanted everything to go back to normal, Recently I have been suffering from depression and I would say that a lot of the consequences of the pandemic for me are thanks to Xi Jinping for letting COVID-19 spin out of control, And I want everything to go back to normal, A lot of people do and plenty are suffering from the same or similar fate as me, So Xi Jinping should apologize and why isn't he doing it?

  • What? We should be writing a thank you to him.

    The quarantine was the best time of my whole life and I’m going to lead a remote life from now on Pandemic or no pandemic thanks to him my life which used to suck turned better because we got to quaranatine! Thanks dude. You made the pain and agony sooo much better.

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