Should Yahoo Answers and Sodahead be banned for their pompus elitism?

Asked by: Adam2
  • These two sites show favortism

    One site (Y/A) is filled with bigots who show their colors to your face and don't want to befriend or help you. They give you nonsense answers because you're the enemy. With Sodahead, it's a little different. On the surface, they pretend to like you, but God-forbid you go against their views, you're banned. I have no problem disrespecting the CEOs of this site.

  • Playing devil's advocate.

    The idea of banning websites because of the people who use them isn't even remotely logical, and it doesn't stop the people who use it from being the way that they are. People that you don't like will remain that way regardless of whether or not you take away their favorite playground.

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