Should Yahoo Users receive the settlement money, rather than the lawyers in the Yahoo class-action lawsuits?

  • Yes, Yahoo Users should receive the settlement money.

    While I agree the lawyers are the ones who did all the work, it sets a bad precedent. If all lawsuits do nothing but pay the lawyers, then it would behoove lawyers to make up as much litigation as they can. Yahoo Users were the injured party, they should receive compensation. Lawyers already get paid too much.

  • Yahoo users should receive settlement money instead of lawyers

    In this debate, the question is whether Yahoo users should receive settlement money instead of lawyers in a lawsuit. I believe the users should receive the money. For starters, lawyers are expensive. It would ultimately cost more money to pay the lawyers than it would to pay for the users in a settlement. Secondly, Yahoo is already not trustworthy in the west, what better way to incerase trust in a company than to pay the users? It's a pretty decent situation if you're a customer.

  • Yahoo users should receive a fair settlement

    If a court awards a settlement to a class-action suit, it would be fair and reasonable that the users receive an appropriate portion of the settlement. Lawyers who took on the suit and worked hard to win the case should receive fair payment for their work, but not at the expense of a fair settlement to yahoo users.

  • Users need to actually read terms of service.

    Unfortunately, Yahoo Users should have read the terms of service before deciding to use the "free" Yahoo Mail service. The terms of service that these Users accepted clearly state that Yahoo will scan e-mails automatically. This is a violation of privacy, however, if people had taken the time to read through the terms of service, they would have realized that Yahoo would be scanning their emails and they might have decided not to use Yahoo Mail.

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