• Yes, I think Yasser Arafat should be seen as an effective fighter for Palestinian Interests.

    Yasser Arafat worked very hard on behalf of the Palestinian people to protect their interests in the best way he could through peace and diplomacy, I think Yasser Arafat could be considered a great defender of Palestinian interests and most historians agree that he was a net benefit to Palestinian when he was a Prime Minister.

  • Too Far In Modern Times

    Arafat is an example of how the old world extremism in multiple religions, and factions have become too much for the modern age. It is foolish to try and rally around a religious interest in this day and age, and only serves to rile up the base and unremarkable within a nation.

  • Where have they gotten?

    No, Yasser Arafat should not be seen as an effective fighter for Palestinian interests, because he was not effective. He believed in the Palestinian's cause, and stirred up a lot of trouble, but after all that fighting, they do not have any real progress to show for it. They lost lives and built weapons, but they are no closer to peace.

  • Yasser Arafet were not an effective fighter

    He was the leader of the Palestinians but the issue comes from the idea that he wasn't effective enough to end the conflict with Israel. The truth is that he was a great leader, but that wasn't the question and I just don't see him as being effective. There is still more that needs to be done and we are pretty much at square one when it comes to that area.

  • No He Shouldn't

    I do not believe Yasser Arafat should be seen as an effective fighter for Palestinian interest. Arafat gave up the chance to create a Palestinian state during negotiations because he wouldn't compromise on anything. He had ample opportunity to secure many of the things his people were asking for and he didn't.

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