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  • School Should be Year-Round?

    Now children who have never been to school have a new chance to learn and develop skills they never had the chance to learn before. They can now be able to stay in a calm working environment and grow into discovering their potential. I am at a year round school and I have seen it change lives

  • Yazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz because i dont like them

    ;3 so year round schooling is boring? Yes.
    -_- year round schooling is tiring? Yaz.
    Year round schooling is boring? Of course.
    :/ and no body likes it? Why the hell would anybody like that shit.
    End of the conversation since no one is gonna comment anyway. :P goodbye world ;3

  • Year round is better

    More time to relax and more breaks in between school weeks and school weeks are shorter and less of a hassle to every one. I really hope year round school can be given a try at least because it could be a lot better and somebody needs to take the risk!

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