• Fosters Memory Retention

    Year-round school should be required for several reasons. First, it fosters memory retention. Second, it can shorten the school week from five days to four. Third, school during the summer can keep kids off the streets and out of trouble. Fourth, the main reason for having summer school in the first place no longer exists--modern technology obviates the need for kids to stay home on the farm to help their parents maintain crops and livestock. Year-round school simply makes sense and gives students an edge in science and math.

  • Yes,year round school should be required.

    Yes,year round school should be required.This would allow students to retain the knowledge they learned from the year before.This would also encourage young students to think of school as more of a job so they can be more prepared when they get to the real world where vacations are very short.

  • Year round schooling should be required.

    Year round schooling should be required. It would give the students more breaks during the school year and it would help with them being able to stay focus. Most of the beginning of the school year is lost trying to get children to recall what they did the previous school year.

  • Year Round School Is Better

    I feel like all of the public schools should switch over to a year round school schedule. I think this can cause some problems when initially switching over, but I think it is far better for the student to continue their studies year round, rather than having a two or three month break.

  • We aren't an agricultural society anymore.

    The school calendar doesn't make sense with modern society. When our country was mostly made up of farmers it made sense to let the kids off in the summer so they can help with the fields. But we aren't an agricultural society anymore and there is no reason to let kids out for summer. In fact, year around schooling will better prepare them for a lifetime of work. Instead of a summer vacation, I would prefer to have shorter school days so the kids will be more attentive and let tired.

  • No year round school!!! Its not cool

    Kids can get headaches and you will probably have allot in your mind.And u need vacation time/family time because the places you have always been going might close down because kids arent going their.And u might get alot of stress and you will need exercise for youre body!! And ya

  • No no no

    Children should not be forced to work year round. They wont be able to have any hobbies in life and will eventually just give up. Hobbys are what children need to relax, have fun, let go and live there life but if school is year round they wont have time to do that.

  • Young minds need a break.

    Requiring school for the entire year would not improve school performance. Instead it would overwhelm the children in schools and reduce the amount of time that families would have to spend together. This would have a negative impact on our education system, and set our advance back. Do we really want that?

  • No It Should Not Be Year Round

    If it is not broke, do not fix it. The way the school schedule are now work just fine. Both students and administrators are happy with it at the moment. School should not be year round. Students deserve some type of extended break to get away from books and enjoy themselves.

  • Year round school should not be required.

    Chlidren have a relatively short time to just be kids. They also learn by playing. Having to go to school all year long would severely limit their "free" time. Yes, American children need to catch up to some of their peers around the world, but forcing them to go to school year round is not the way to do it.

  • No year round school please!

    School maintenence costs rise from day-to-day upkeep utilities-increased by 10%. You know what that means? Taxes. More and more taxes. That sucks. Taxes are huge the way they are. And besides, during the school year, we can hardly even afford tissues and hand sanitizer! No!

    Teens who need work to support themselves or make money for college have more difficulty finding or keeping a job. College is important and so are jobs. Teaching them responsibility is important and jobs are good way to do it! Take it from me, 4 kids.

    After school activities such as sports or the arts are lost in the budget and the school can't afford them any longer. Sports keep kids active. Too many obese kids in this world. Too many. We can't have that! A lot of people can't afford for their kids to do YMCA sports and depend on school sports to help them! Please! I have no clue what the heck theatre benefits you from but still. That too I guess.

    No year round school!

  • NO,we should not go to school year around

    School maintenance costs rise from day-to-day upkeep utilities-increased by 10%. You know what that means? Taxes. More and more taxes. That sucks. Taxes are huge the way they are. And besides, during the school year, we can hardly even afford tissues and hand sanitizer! No Do we really want that?

  • No it shouldn't.

    I don't think that year-round school should be required. I think it should be up to the school to decide what type of school they want. I also think that the parents in that district should vote on it. This type of schooling doesn't work for many people and can lead to burnout.

  • It’s not needed.

    I believe it’s not necessary because we should also think about the teachers it shows that teaching year round can cause lack of motivation to keep on teaching. That’s bad because mostly kid (younger grades) will start acting out. Also the paychecks are the same so why bother to do it.

  • Year long school sucks

    Well since i need at least 50 words i might as well waste your time typing this paragraph that has nothing to do about year long school whatsoever so yeah i basically just wasted a good 2-3 minutes of your life you will never get back yours truly, -Marvin thanks

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Godgirl says2015-11-03T15:59:50.760
I don't think many people understand how year round school works . . .