• Of Course They Should Be!

    No one should be able to tell you what to wear. If you go to a public school and there are no uniforms, that means you can wear whatever you want as long as you're not half naked or dressed provocatively. Sweat/yoga pants are super comfortable. Sure, they make your butt look nice, but its not like your butt is showing. There's no problem with wanting to look nice, or in shape. And any guy who is perverted enough to stare and drool, well that's their problem.


    Now, now, now. Before I get loads of hate for this topic, let me take you on a journey through the average high school experience, and see if I can change your opinion. Yoga pants. They're a controversial topic in the world of high school, but it isn't kids who have the problem, it's the adults. The teachers whose rear-ends have been neglected from their better days and are now sagging, are the ones who dislike yoga pants. The thing is, they do show off your booty. They do show off your curves. They were invented to make your butt look fantastic while working out, meaning that they were originally designed as work out clothes (no different then sweatpants.). There's more to why kids like wearing yoga pants, beyond just making their butt look good. One reason; THEY ARE INCREDIBLY COMFY! Sure they make my behind look absolutely wonderful, but honestly, I'd wear them just because they are so comfortable. They cling to your body, just like skinny jeans (which are allowed), the only difference would be that they are usually made with a stretchy spandex material rather then denim. Ooh, big deal. Does this mean that when we wear shirts, they should all be made of the same material? No! Because somethings just don't fit well on certain people, and its the same way with spandex material. If you have a body to fill out the yoga pants, then why not flaunt it? I'm a high school teenager and the fact that people want to abolish my right to wearing tight fitting clothing is ridiculous to me. I'm not saying that your clothes should be so tight that you can't move in them, but if I want t wear yoga pants to be comfy and make my but look good, then I should be allowed to, and lastly. If my wearing yoga pant is 'distracting to the learning environment' then maybe they shouldn't be focusing on what I'm wearing and how I look.

  • Comfort is important!!

    Waking up to go to a class or two, students should allowed to be comfortable. Hence, if women want to wear yoga pants they should be allowed to. They fully cover the body and are in no way revealing. I personally love yoga pants and have yet to have a problem at my university with distractions.

  • They are fine

    If you keep telling young girls that it is bad to expose their body, they will either feel bad about their own body, or they will want to rebel. If they are worried about people getting distracted by looking at them, then it is the person looking's problem. The world is getting more liberal, people who don't like it have to get over it.

  • They look awesome on girls

    Im a guy in middle school and i think that well anyone should be able to wear them they look real good on girls they look comfy and they are like strechy and good for working out so yea people should be able to wear what they want some people dont like other things

  • Booty Booty 👀

    I love when girls wear yoga pants because I can see their ass. Sometimes if you are lucky you might spot a camel toe. I need 26 more words so I am now typing random stuff so I can submit this because I can not think of anything to say.

  • Yoga pants are not hurting anyone.

    If anything, yoga pants help inspire boys to get out of bed in the morning and head to school. Sure these girls' clothing choices are form fitting nowadays but at least they have pride in their bodies. Wouldn't you rather see a girl with confidence than a girl sulking by the lockers with a knee-length jean skirt? Placing bans on tight-fitting clothes is another step towards sexually oppressing this country...And you already know there is enough that.

  • Should guys be allowed to wear their pants at their knees?

    Thats all that needs to be said: We don't want to see your underwear. Maybe yoga pants are worn for comfort, maybe they're not. Guys don't know and honestly shouldn't have to know why girls wear yoga pants and if they can't accept it then too bad. That's all. Bye. (I needed one more word-didn't mean to sound rude.)

  • Women should have the freedom to wear whatever they want.

    They're just tighter fitting pants than women find comfortable to do daily activities in. It is not fair to deprive them of wearing them, considering they do not show skin. How come women have to be limited in what they wear but not men? Times have changed, so the arguments of "back in the day" are IRRELEVANT. Even if they are banned in school they will still wear it everywhere else.

  • Not all girls are the same.

    Althougn some may be, Most girls aren't trying to be provocative! Yoga pants are very comfortable. Given the freedom of expression from a public school. Yoga pants are still pants; nothing is exposed. As long as they aren't too tight yoga pants should be allowed in schools. It should be the girls decision as to whether or not they want to gain the attention that may come with wearing yoga pants.

  • A lot of people, girls especially, do not understand how hard it is to not look at girls when in puberty

    Boys, when going through puberty, have a lot of hormones going on. If there is a girl wearing particularly revealing clothing(I mean like the wedgie-pants I see at my school), Very few will be able to retain focus on the work that they are doing. This just isn't fair to them.

    Also, the comfort argument doesn't make much sense to me. If comfort is what you're looking for, go for track pants. You don't have to make it deliberately difficult for the opposite gender.

    I also see the argument that it should be on boys for not checking out their female counterparts, but I feel like the yoga pants trend, as they're worn, makes this very difficult for them to learn to do so.

    I fail to see how the right to wear provocative clothing in an inappropriate context is a right. Are dress codes at work a violation of rights?

    All in all, I think that yoga pants should not be allowed in schools, but if they are, the girls wearing them need to understand that they're going to attract unwanted attention. However, this is probably their goal.

  • Girls don't Have Freedom

    Women should wear skirts to the ankles or longer. If they are not that long, then they expose themselves to men, easily arousing them. This is a disgrace to Jesus Christ. Thanks to Obama girls think it is okay to dress however they want because there are no laws against them.

  • Watch what you wear: The dress code dispute continues

    Give me a break!
    Anonymous has to be a teenage girl, probably a stoner – I apologize if you are not.
    Reminds me of one of my step-daughter friends, a stoner like my step-daughter, who could not understand why the school sent her home for wearing comfortable pajama bottoms to school that almost looked like jeans. Hades, makes sense, she saved time in the morning; just get out of bed with jamies on, brush teeth, put on make-up and off to school. Just amazing of how mindless most stoners teenagers are; I mean they are totally clueless. Let me define stoner, someone who smokes or shares at least one joint a day or more.
    It is bad enough that teachers have to deal with the punks, mainly black and Mexican/Latino bangers that are sagging and girls wearing their jeans low enough to reveal their G-string (“whale tail”). All this crap should be outlawed, and the teachers should be sending all these kids to the dean’s office for suspension.
    If the kids can’t follow the dress code; they should be kicked out permanately after three suspensions.
    And, all cell phones should be collected by teachers whenever a student uses one in class, or is texting under the desk. Those students should get 3-day suspensions for first 3 offenses and then kicked out of school for a month, and required to make that missed time up in summer school.

  • Teacher student relations

    Males don't find young girls less attractive as they age, only less attainable. Precautions should be taken to protect young girls. Precautions should be taken to protect teachers. When a girl wears yoga pants sexuality, not comfort or style is what the onlooker percieves. It is not benificial to encourage teachers to observe the sexuality of young children.

  • Showing off under the guise of comfort

    This whole argument that the yoga pants/leggings are so "comfortable" seems like an excuse to wear sexually attractive clothing around. At first it was yoga pants, tight around the butt but looser in the legs (like the picture shown), but over time the trend has been for tighter and tighter clothes. Now girls only wear leggings as if they were pants. When girls used to do this, it was under a skirt or a long shirt that covered their butt and pelvis. This trend has gone by the way side, and girls are now just wearing leggings that expose all their sexual parts. Some of the leggings look practically painted on they are so tight. I even know of girls that go commando (no underwear) under their yoga leggings as to avoid panty lies. Good lord. All this has been written off as "for comfort" by women, but I really suspect they want to look as sexual as possible attract attention from the right boys. If comfort was an issue, why not wear loose sweat pants? Or wear a long shirt that covers the butt? I understand that its on boys not to stare, but lets be realistic here. If on a hot summer day, a girl came to school wearing a thong and bra, could we write this off as "for comfort?" I don't like to sound puritanical, but some of the the women's fashion trends I've seen are really crazy. The trend is smaller, tighter, sexier. Do we really need this in our classrooms?

  • It's just plan TRASHY

    When girl where yoga pants the lokk stupid and trashy . They know what they doing and wonder why guys treat them like crap . If you want fuys to respect you respect your self and put on real clothes that you look really cute in not something you look like you just woke up in .

  • From Another Perspective

    I should have you note that I am a heterosexual male freshman in high school.
    I value chastity in my life and that is hard to practice when there are female buttocks prominently displayed in the halls of my school. For the young men with looser morals, this can lead to all-out distraction mode, which I believe can lead to poor grades and pre-marital sexual encounters outside of school. Ew.
    This practice leads to another effect, where young men begin to make women seem more like objects to be used for their own pleasure and then disposed of. And these young ladies, for their part, are accepting the role of OBJECTS.
    It makes me sad that men are becoming selfish and this leading to the arousing image they can all look at when they get to school

  • Schools should have uniforms

    In Australia all our schools have uniforms and it is very positive for the school environment. It promotes much better security as staff can quickly see who should be in the grounds and who should not. It develops a sense of belonging and pride. It means that competition about who has the best and most expensive clothes is eliminated, it stops students from judging others on how they dress and promotes equality.

    Also schools can make sure the uniforms are appropriate, non provocative, suited to the weather and sun safe.

    Posted by: Wmdu
  • Being realistic, a male feminist's perspective

    The pants in the above pic are not representative of what actually is worn nor what is being viewed as a problem. The too small, every crevice revealing yoga pants are a bit much for a teenage mind to not pay attention too. Seriously, what straight pubescent guy would rather pay attention to school work over the female wearing clothing tight enough to have an idea of what kind of panties,thong, or nothing she has on underneath? I'm not saying that these guys should not control themselves, but I am saying that there is a point where it is just not practical to expect them to do so in our culture as far as looking is concerned.

    In short, I believe expecting a young male to ignore **** WARNING semi vulgar imagery ahead**** yoga pants that fit a manner that creates a permanent wedgie and camel toe's is absurd. It would be equally absurd to a think females or gay guys would ignore a guy wearing tights that were equally revealing. Are all girls wearing yoga pants this tight? No. Would wearing a shirt long enough to conceal that permanent wedgie an/or camel to remedy the problem? Yes, at least to the extent I think needed to place the ball back in the male court.

  • Yoga pants are great- in the right context.

    When schools make the students wear a dress code to school, then the students will be more likely to take school seriously. I love yoga pants, but then again I wouldn't have this problem, because I am homeschooled, so I can wear whatever I want, unless I'm at co-op. Also, yoga pants are not the most modest of clothing.

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