• Its a crime

    The bible says no so I say no. If we were to live in a theocracy, then I would see no problem with this whatsoever. Idk how someone cant see this point of view because it is absolutely the right one. If you disagree, youre a liberal who isnt educated.

  • ...Is this a serious question?

    Should you be able to be arrested for being black? For having brown hair? For liking Pepsi more than Coke? This is ridiculous. YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY. If you believe being gay is wrong, that's fine--DON'T ENGAGE IN ANY HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITIES. But the last thing we need to start doing is arresting people for actions that in no way influence other people (marijuana, anyone?). Seriously... What would arresting gay people accomplish? It wouldn't "fix" them. We have to get rid of this mentality that we can somehow "get rid of gayness." LGBTQ individuals are NOT going anywhere. It will probably be a lot easier for everyone if you start accepting them instead of acting like they're some social pariah that needs to be ostracized and eradicated.

  • Only one person voted yes because they are a bad person

    I'm Bi, and I'm only 14. And I would be scared to be walking on the streets of in my house nad then the police or FBI come in and take me away from my family. I would cry for a long time. Me and my brother would both be arrested for being who we are. I never knew my body was such a crime... And the worst part is we are born this way and we can't fix ourselves. It's like arresting a person with down syndrome and trying to fix them. SO RIDICULOUS!

  • It would be wrong.

    It would be like arresting every blonde person . They have not done anything wrong and it would be a violation of human rights . It is out dated and completely stupid . Nobody has any reason to do it it is pointless and barbaric as well as cruel .

  • A ridiculous notion.

    Black people are more likely to have venereal diseases than other denominations. Should we incarcerate all black people? Arresting someone for being gay is so preposterously backwards that It's hard to formulate a coherent response to it. We don't arrest people for being taller than 6 feet, do we? We don't arrest people for liking key lime pie, or Nicki Minaj (although maybe we should start). So why in blazes would we start arresting people for their sexuality?

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