• Right to die

    Life they say(an unprovable claim) is a gift. But they don't let you return it no matter how much you don't want it. Then they tell you your free.
    A real legit society would value give me liberty or give me death.
    As to religion or medicine again freedom is the answer.

  • Yes you do

    I think you should be able to die because of free will people come on. And its your life who has a say in what you do with it or not. I for one would not want to suffer anymore than i would it i was hurt so yeah thats my opinion

  • Yes it should be a human right!!

    Why should others be allowed to tell you that you have to keep suffering in this wretched world. If you don't want to live you shouldn't have to and there should be a humane way to go. Other people can't feel your pain so why should they tell you that you must live with it?

  • Very difficult question

    Living forever seems like a curse, the never ending agony of emotions that you would collect forever inside you, relations that you would form around you just so you could see all of them die and you having to live with those feeling forever. It is a curse, death is the ending of your conciseness mind, it is a blessing, however i wish people would live something life elven creatures, 900 years would be nice

  • If life really is unbearable, then it should be possible

    Only if life has become unbearable. There has been enough study to determine this. Also it might help prevent suicide. The latter can have a really big influence on a community. When it's clear someone will opt for euthanasia everyone around him will have been able to say goodbye in a proper way.

  • It's your life!

    Why are we so different! When our beloved pets are in pain, and we can see it in their eyes, then we take them on their final journey to the vets. They can't physically tell us it hurts, that they've had enough and want to end their lives, but we believe we're doing what is right for them.
    So why should it be so different when it comes to our lives... We know when we've had enough, when the pain is so unbearable that we are unable to function as we used to. We know when the time has come to say "no more", that we can't take the pain anymore. But, for us, its not a simple trip to the vets, a simple injection and its all over. No, for some barbaric reason we're made to suffer. We're made to carry on, whether we want to or not.
    We should, in all honesty, be allowed to choose when we die, if we are suffering. Each and every individual knows when their bodies are telling us the time has come. But rules and regulations stop us from taking that final step, with full knowledge that our pain will be truly over once and for all. Those same rules and regulations stop someone from helping us on our journey if we can't take that step on our own. So we are left to suffer and fester, using resources that we feel guilty or ashamed to use. We can see the pain reflected in the eyes of our loved ones, for they seem to understand how much it hurts. No medication can take that pain away and even if it could, there is still the question of regaining little, if any, of the independence we once had. That miracle won't happen, but the powers that be make us wait for it anyway.
    Why... Because they are cruel, sadistic and lack compassion.
    Laws are just guidelines, groups of people sitting round tables, thinking of ways to make lives better, but they forget about the real people, the people whose lives will be forever changed by those laws. It all started with suicide... The act of suicide being an illegal act. People only commit suicide when they have a problem that they presume can't be fixed. If you're unable to move, if your life revolves around sitting motionless in a wheelchair, then suicide isn't an option. Assisted suicide... Another illegal act, although how can it be suicide, surely it would come under manslaughter or, even worse, murder! This is what goes through the mind of not only that party assisting, but also the party who wishes to die.
    Euthanasia should be allowed, and better guidelines than prosecuting the assisting parties should be laid down. We don't let an animal suffer, why do the powers that be wish to let their fellow humans suffer to this extent. The right to die is a human right, a compassionate right, and most of all, our right.

  • Yes when your old

    Yeah you could die in any thing like accidents or any other dangerous things you might live until 75-80 or more yes of course everyone has a day of death not only when your old when you are in a accident or in a hospital with severs injuries of course

  • You will have to die anyway, if you must choose your time and date, and how your gonna go, it should be allowed.

    "It's your life"
    that's my supporting argument, you can choose what you want in life, even death. But I say it's a stupid way to do so now matter what the problem is, even if you have only 2 days left to live and your pain is getting to you, you should still hang on and value those days left. But that's just my opinion.
    But I still tell ya, it's your life. Think if you want to end it now, you can. But the only person only to cry for you are the only ones who cared for you, and loved you, and you can't repay those kindness and love because your already dead! So think twice before you slice!

  • What the heck.

    Should you be able to die? SHOULD you be ABLE to DIE? Of course we should! We all will die eventually! You can't just simply prevent yourself from dying! No offense, but what kind of a question is this? What if everyone lived forever, and was unable to die? It would be terrible! People could inflict any kind of evil they wanted for as long as they wanted. Plus, they couldn't even get the death penalty. Heck, even if they're sentenced to 300 years in prison or whatever like some people are, THEY'D GET OUT EVENTUALLY. When they get out, they'd still be able to do anything they wanted! Plus, the life sentence wouldn't exist! If you put a person in prison for life (if people were unable to die), they would have to be let go eventually. If they are locked up in prison forever, that will like destroy the idea of freedom! People love freedom! You don't wanna take away something that the people love, now do you?

  • What is This Opinion Trying to Ask?

    First of all, what the heck is this asking? Should we be able to die? Try and stop me. When my number is up, thats it!

    However, if the submitter of this question is trying to ask if we should be able to control our own deaths, then the answer is yes, we should. We should not be forced to keep living beyond our desires. I think there should be some controls, we shouldn't simply allow any depressed person access to lethal doses of narcotics, but there should be avenues available.

  • Every person should

    Leave a part of themselves behind, something that made the world a little more beautiful. Then they will always live on as a part of the world. If you don't do that then you will simply disappear and be forgotten.
    People can die but no one has too.

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