• Yes everyone should be free to live however they want as long as it does not infringe on other people.

    How bout you freaking morons that need others to put rules in place to live move to a country with a dictator so he can decide how you walk, Talk, Sleep and eat. If you teach your children respect and manners and if they are somewhat intelligent i think they can handle living there own life without a government micro managing and fining them to death. Generally speaking people don't wake up thinking “ i am going to be a piece of shit today by terrorizing others”. Howb about you people who need others to control your lives move together in a territory and let someone take control for ya and let those of us smart enough to think and do for ourselves prosper the way god meant for us to do.

  • One Should Not Be Able to Do Whatever One Wants

    No, one should not be able to do whatever one wants because this implies infringing upon another's rights, and one should never do that. One must always respect the rights of those around him, both humans and animals, and to have the ability to infringe on those rights with no consequence would be a grave error.

  • No, you should not.

    People should be given a certain set of rights, the choice of beliefs, seek happiness, etc. However, they should not be able to do just anything. If someone wants to do drugs and give it to teens should we allow this? Absolutely not, there is a line and keeping people from crossing it is necessary.

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