Should you be able to drive four-wheelers on state roads?

  • Well yeah there awesome!

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  • Only on certain roads

    ATVs should be allowed on roads but only those with a reasonable speed limit, say forty-five mph or so. This is about the safest speed that a four wheeler can go. Lights would have to be better for night time use.
    Riders should have a special license to ride a four wheeler on the road.

  • Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can drive golf carts so why not four wheelers you can drive them on the side of the road and you can go faster and in some places people ride 6 on one motorcycle that is way more dangerous than riding four wheelers on state roads so people who think different lets not talk about them

  • YesYesYespls would be awesome

    Wanna drive mine on at least side of road in nys. Please someone let me know if u can because that would be awesome I know. Don’t live in city, sort of big land At least 3 acres big in each land someone can clarify if I can or not that would be awesome

  • For Farming Uses

    Especially for bigger farms you would want a 4-wheeler to travel from farm to farm down the road a little to check on other animals and you could get a ticket for that because in some places it is not illegal. Therefore, it should be allowed to drive 4-wheelers and other utv vehicles

  • I love four wheelers

    They are good for some thing to do out side . I would ride every day if i had one . But when I do ride I love it . Riding also can help you do your work some times . Well what can I say go have some fun .

  • Yes atvs should be allowed on state roads

    I am personnaly from washington and grew up riding atvs so i think that they should be allowed because people who cant afford cars but have an atv should be able to go to work but attvs arent legal so they cant go but if they were it be fine plus horses are legaln and they have a mind of there own fand can do whatever wwhenever they want

  • YES i agree with this

    The reason why I picked yes because you should be able to ride any thing with an engine on the roads like a four wheeler's, dirt bikes, or three wheeler's, because they are transportation they get you from point A to point B and that is my reasoning for this subject.

  • I believe they should,

    I say this because i am a four wheeler rider and i love to ride them just theres one problem... I got in trouble for riding my four wheeler down the side of a road! I feel strongly about this and i will not change my mind about this topic

  • They Should because

    It's not as waist full on gas for your car or truck. And people can get places quicker. I think that there should be some kind of regulations like engine size, Certain lads with certain speed limits,and not on the interstate. Also because what if your car or truck is broken down .

  • Four Wheelers are not safe for state roads

    State roads should be used for motor vehicles that meet certain safety qualifications and minimum speeds. Four wheelers do not meet these safety qualifications and would be a hazard to others and themselves on state roads. It seems that it would be a better idea to keep four wheelers on dirt roads and private property, and registered vehicles on state roads.

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