• Yes, we should

    During a break in, being able to text 911 because speaking could be very risky. Although teenagers could misuse this ability by trying to prank-text 911 with fake emergencies, in the long-run, being able to text 911 in an emergency would be very helpful and much safer due to the silence.

  • Could serve a purpose

    If you were confined in a situation where you couldn't call and you felt you could sneakily text, this might work out well, such as during a break-in. Yes, it should be like phony phone calls and result in trouble if you do it falsely. I could see how it could have advantages.

  • In Delicate Situations

    Having the ability to text 911 would eliminate the need for a person to use there voice in a situation that alerting the attacker of such would plunge them in deeper trouble then initially intended. An example of this would be if you were being burglarized and the burglar is unaware of another person in the household, texting would keep you from making sound and therefore alerting the burglar which could send him/her in a panic causing things to end badly before the cops you were calling are able to arrive.

  • Texting 911 would make things easier and safer.

    In cases of robbery, kidnap and other things where the victim is in immediate danger, it is much easier to quietly text 911 that there is an issue; giving the responder details of the information necessary to get to you and probably save your life without the criminal hearing the phone call and possibly even ending your life. False texts could be treated the false calls to 911 anyway.

  • Yes we should be able to text 911

    Most people now text and rarely make phone calls to each other, so we might as well have the option of sending text messages to 911 as well. It would make our lives so much easier. I think that it also costs less than making a phone call and dialing 911, which takes a lot of effort for most of us.

  • We should be able to text 911 but certainly just in necessary case.

    Yes, I agree with the opinion. The 911 is a service to protect citizens so that it should allow anything that can enhance their duties. However, if someone just try to make a joke with 911, they should be punished financially. Everyone should aware about their action to avoid stupid things.

  • Yes we should

    We should be able to text 911 for help because if you are in your house and an intruder breaks in, you will be in hiding and you probably won't want to be speaking on a phone because the intruder may hear your voice and come after you. The best option would be to grab your cell phone and text 911, so it is completely silent.

  • Texting 911 would enable people who don't have normal phone access or can't talk

    It would be a great tool for the TTY and deaf community. Just make sure that it is regulated, as two things could occur 1. it could be abused by teens 2. It could be accidentally entered as a T9Word or the like. Generally it would possibly be a good tool.

  • Silence and speed

    We should be able to text 911. If we were in a case were a criminal was very close and we could not afford to speak this would come into place. I believe this could be a large change in many lives, the difference between life in death for many situations. For example if you were under a bed or in hiding and someone broke in if you talked you could potentially be located and killed. As for speed we can type quick incomplete sentences like just the address and a very short description
    of the situation. To conclude I strongly agree to being able to text 911

  • Seems helpful to me

    I think that would be an amazing advancement. I can speak from experience. There was an attempted murder in the area where I live a few weeks ago. It was domestic, but there were people outside that were innocent bystanders that were trying to hide and be quiet to alert the police that there was an incident going on. I can only imagine that it would be very beneficial for a person hiding in the closet or under the bed as someone breaks into their home. I can only see benefits here!

  • Can't text at the moment

    What if they are in a situation where they can't text and calling is a fast way to inform someone. If someone were to text 911 they could always misspell something or put the wrong number to there address if the disgust ion was occurring at home. It's just faster and safer to do it on the phone. Safety is the key.

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