• Because there are stupid adults that can vote so smart youth should be able to as well

    There are people with an IQ of 118 that are adults that are allowed to vote, so why can't teenagers with an IQ of 120 vote? There are also teenagers (17 and under) that have more political knowledge than some people that are actually allowed to vote. Just remember that.

  • Yes we should.

    16 year old should be able to vote, take the Scottish referendum for example, 16 year old could vote, and amongst this group had one of the highest voting turn outs, if we could vote in a general election I'm pretty sure we would have a surge in votes so yes

  • I do think we should.

    Yes because it is their choice to vote and we all know that not all teenagers are interested in what's going on in the world but some of them are. And not all teenagers are immature. The government should allow 16 year olds to vote and that is why I think they should.

  • 16-Year-Olds are Stupid

    16-year-olds are easily influenced by peer pressure as proven by a researcher a Temple University in Philadelphia. So only the cool Democrat candidate would ever win elections and we would have a horrible country. The only reason the voting age was even lowered to 18 was because 18-year-olds can die for their country. 16-you-olds can only make their country die.

  • No I disagree .

    No , I'm 16 and maybe only 10 percent of kids my age even know anything going on in the world . If it was possible to take a test before voting to make sure we knew what was happening with the government and have to pass to vote that would work . Kids at 16 are too immature to vote .

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