• My personal opinion.

    I believe that the problem with violence is not the weapon it is the creativity of a person. You could ban guns, and people will come up with a way around the law. If I wanted to off my boss, or wife and didn't have a gun I would use a baseball bat, if I couldn't get that I would use a rope, if I couldn't get that I would use a fork, if I couldn't get that I would jump off a bridge, because that's a stupid law. You can't keep banning things because they can be used in violent situations, I will proudly admit I have a registered hand gun, 6 rifles, 5 shotguns, a few Bolo condors ( machete like knives.), 3 crossbows, and countless other weapons. I live in Flint and you get some crazy people. I have never used a gun to defend myself, but I like to know if someone broke into my house and threatened by pregnant wife, I could protect them.
    My second point is a personal experience. When I was still in college I worked in a dawns doughnut shop. A guy pulled in and tried to get me to open the register. What weapon was he carrying? A high powered rifle? A fully auto weapon? A hand gun? No. He grabbed a glass bottle from the dumpster, broke it, and tried to hold up the shop. Luckily an officer came in five minutes into this escaped ( thank god for stereotypes ), and chased him away, but that's not the point. Should we ban glass bottles because someone used it as a weapon? NO!

  • Yes you should be allowed to carry a weapon due to the unexpected actions of societies at this day in age.

    You should be allowed to carry a weapon due to the unexpected actions of societies at this day in age. Communities can now be very harsh places and you cannot always trust the people you think you can trust. Another reason to legally be allowed to carry a weapon is because I live in a very rural area of England and livestock farming is a big part of the life in this area. The farmers in the area should be allowed to carry weapons to prevent animals harassing their stock.

  • Weapons? Sure said in sarcasm.

    Lets say that people are allowed to carry weapons. What will the bad people do? Take advantage of this and the crime rate will go up. Lets say that the good people also have weapons and they fight back. Even though they have weapons for protection, of course there will be blood shed. Naturally the bad people practiced doing their crimes would have practice therefore win for most of the time. Is that what you want sir? People dead?

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