Should you be allowed to defend yourself at school?

  • For Defense of yourself and others

    If a kid is getting bullied, Due to school rules he can't defend himself. That is complete B. S. . Teachers can't stop kids from bullying. They can try, But it won't work. Back in middle school, Some punk was throwing food and mocking one of my best friends. I told him to stop, And he put his fists up and acted like a jackass (basically acting innocent).
    First off: i punched him in the face.
    Second off: he started the fight. He threw sh! T and mocked my friend. Then he put his fists up, Ready for a fight, And git punched. Kids grow up in school thinking thats its just safe, And no one harms eachother. Yeah, Thats not how life works. You put your fists up you better damn be prepared to use them.

    I got suspended. For standing up to someone over being a jackass, I, Not him, Got in trouble. Schools have got it wrong. Zero tollerance is shit.

  • Why shouldn't you?

    To defend yourself in school is like defending yourself on the streets, natural. Why shouldn't you keep yourself from getting beat or killed? On the streets, if you defend yourself, the most that may happen is that you will be taken for questioning. In schools, you get punished for self defense, or even for not defending yourself. Everyone in my school knows that if you dare TRY to attack me, I WILL SERIOUSLY MESS YOU UP. In my school and many other schools, you get suspended/expelled for even being involved, fight back or no, you still get punished, so why not fight back? You may even get people to stop messing with you. The school system is BS anyways, what do they know about handling a situation? Answer: they don't.

  • Fight Back Man!

    If they start a fight then try to back away but if they persist then knock there block off i have a lot of personal experience with bullys you need to defend yourself schools these days are poor they just want money in there pockets so they can buy more crap.

  • Yes, students should be allowed to defend themselves at school.

    I am in the eighth grade. Last year I was harassed by another student. He stuffed me in the lockers daily so I finally grabbed and slammed him into the door. I was expelled, he was not. I was in the full right because he had his hands on me first. He was in no trouble and had no injuries. I have not been picked on again.

  • Hell yes .

    I am constantly threatened and the only thing that holds me back is my background. Since jocks are favored, and farm boys hated, I would get in a shit ton of trouble because of that. If they threw a punch though, the selfish assholes that jocks are would turn it back on me. This is another reason I have good friends. They would back me up.

  • My school has a 0 tolerance policy

    At Lenape, if you are involved in a conflict the school wants you to get a adult, now, i am a senior in highschool, and if I was being harrassed, and i retaliated, and it became physical, I would be immediately suspended pending administrative review, and possible charges. Now, in the 1980's, they didn't really care who punched, and would just give the kids a slap on the wrist instead of ruining their chances at going to college, or even getting a carrier.

    I nearly pushed a guy down some bleachers, and what scared me was the fact i would get in trouble - not him. My sophmore year a guy called a girl a CuntMuffin, and she threw juice in his face, and then he punched her, and she defended himself, and they ended up in the hallway with my Nutrition teacher injured. She was the one who got in trouble because she threw juice in his face, and got suspended for a week, and he was expelled, and charged.

    Then another example, the same guy threatend a girl in my health class, and I stood up against him, telling him to fuck off, and he then threatened to kill me. So I reported it (this guy was at least 100 pounds heavier than me, and a linebacker), and guess what the school did? Nothing. Didn't even ask any other girls questions, they just blew it out the window. The resource officer investigated, and when he nearly killed the girl, he only then took it into account, after he threatened to smash my skull in. Its stupid how you can't even speak up and do something, let alone fight back in the case a guy hits a girl.

  • Human nature and human ignorance

    Schools and society itself has became ignorant. Punished for fighting ? What ???,fist Fighting has existed for a very long time Im human history with little to no consequences. In fact lets not call it fighting. Lets call it what it is, Showing dominance. If you think about it every fight someone gets into or even maybe yourself, when people are laughing at you because of a bully you throw that punch and battle them for a very special prize, The prize of establishing dominance over the opponent. Its just human nature. If you want to stop a fight that is getting very out of hand ok. But something that natural shouldn't be punished. If the person losing was smart enough to just fuck off or tap out let it be. When monkeys, lions, and especially wolves battle it is establishing dominance. After the bout every thing. Is settled.

  • You should always defend yourself.

    Fighting should be allowed because people with need to defend there self always. You never know when someone feels like they just wants to hit you and they want to fight you. Get up and hit them back. Some people not just gone sit there and let you hit them.

  • Yes you should

    If you get in a fight you would want to defend yourself you cant always just dodge a punch you want to get out of a serious conflict unharmed you have to fight back but you get punished for defending yourself if a kid gets into a fight and he gets beaten up he will be bullied that he just took it and he wont do anything cause hes weak.

  • Inside safe zone

    My son was at school and was good friend with this kid, My son walk up to him, Tried to talk to him, Son stated that when u started smoking dope you became a A hole, Friend stated what you going to do about it!
    He got in to my son,s safe zone, My son push him back and his friend hit him, Fight was on His friend got in the another fight 5 days before that! Son got kick out of school for 5 days, and also his friend! His friend is 15.5 years old and smokes pop with his Dad, What is this world coming to! And his friend Provoked the fight!

  • Only if after one punch, they continue instantly self defend!

    Well, no one is just going to stand there and take it, that IS stupid.
    To make sure you DON'T get into trouble then do these two things:

    Dodge: Don't do another punch, that is you being as bad as them. Just dodge and you should be alright. For help/ backup, search "How to defend yourself" on WikiHow for simple instructions.

    Cool, calm and funny : dont get huffy or angry but be funny. When they hurl an insult at you e.G Your ugly. If your female then you could say " Ok, Thanky you for the notice, I'll buy the other makeup.

    Try these and you'll be fine!!!

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