Should you be allowed to express your views against homosexuality, gays and lesbians, et cetera?

  • It's free speech but they shouldn't get anyone's respect

    They should be allowed. They shouldn't be arrested for it. But they shouldn't get anyone's respect for those opinions. Everyone should just ignore them or even let them know they are hateful, evil, reactionary bigots. We have our free speech and we can use it to let them know how evil they are.

  • Yes.

    I am not a homosexual, although my mother (bi) and uncle (gay) are. I love them with all my heart. I have a couple of friends who have not "come out," as you would say. It breaks my heart to think the people I love the most could not be able to express themselves. If you think of it as a religion thing, how about you run this through your head: If God did not want homosexuals, why would he have created them? I believe that when you are born you like one or the other or you could like both. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice. I support homosexuality! Keep your confidence and keep it going, don't let anyone stop you!

  • Yes.

    If they have the right to have any sexuality they want, we have to right to not like it or not approve it. Its equal rights to everyone. Homosexuals shouldn't feel oppressed by this, and maybe if they accepted peoples opinion upon them, they would have been more '' accepted '' by society.

  • Homosexuality is wrong

    Many people believe, be it because of their faith tradition or their philosophical convictions, that sexuality is properly ordered towards the relationship between a man and a woman. To disallow the expression of this opinion would be an unthinkable restriction on freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

  • Of course

    Why should we be banned from freedom of speech? Those are my rights as an American! Only when we cow-tow to the belief of others, are we truly in shackles. We say that blacks should've been quiet when they couldn't vote, or women should've been quiet when they had no rights. It's only been when people fought for their beliefs that things changed. The same is said for those that dont support a pro-gay agenda.

  • The first person posting under 'Yes' makes a very valid point.

    You certainly have every right to express whatever views you hold. That doesn't necessarily mean that it is beneficial or right to express those views, but you should be in no way prohibited from exercising your freedom of speech. Down with tyranny.

  • I am supporting this statement

    I believe as an individual you have the right of expression and movement. I believe that it is okay to express yourself even in public. Homosexuality I agree with. Although politics and religion may not agree with it I myself feel it is okay to be a lesbian, a gay person or to be a bisexual. I just love the idea, it is what makes up society.

  • Free speech is covered in the Constitution

    If you have a negative attitude towards anyone, you still have the right to express it, even though it may not be politically correct. Many people have negative views on Christians and political conservatives. I doubt their viewpoints will ever be banned.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • It's not a penis.

    For some reason a lot of people have it in their heads that an opinion is "...Like a penis, everyone has one, but that doesn't mean you can go around shoving it down people's throats." They fail to see that they are confusing a legal problem with an ethical one. Is it unethical to express your views against homosexuality, etc.? Obviously not. You might as well ask "Should you be allowed to express your views against anything?" The answer would clearly be Yes you should be allowed to express your views. Words have no meaning unless you put some behind them. I could walk up to the President and say he looks very shoelace today. It doesn't have to mean anything. Someone could walk up to me and say that I have a big nose. Well if by big he meant beautiful then that is great! Words, phrases, opinions, can not be harmful in and of themselves. It's only when you let yourself get offended by them do they mean something.

  • Common sense and rights.

    We have have the right to share an opinion even if it's not liked. Let's say someone doesn't like gays and seeing them kiss in public that person still has to deal with seeing that. It's the same thing as someone sharing a negative opinion, someone else has to deal with it. And let me say I love and support all people, some of my best friends are gay, and they personally agree with my opinion, that the right to share opinion is more important than the desire to be sheltered and protected.

  • You shouldn't be able to express your views in a nasty or demeaning way

    I don't care if you don't like how I was born. But under no circumstances will you come and get in my face or tell me I'm disgusting. That's your opinion so keep it in your head. I don't want to hear it and neither does anyone else. You can not like me or my marriage or who I love all day long but don't insult us.

  • Keep your opinion to yourself

    The homosexuals that you may express your views against have more than likely already heard everything you are going to say against them. If you're against homosexuality, then fine, don't go around belittling the homosexuals. Most people who are against the homosexual community don't know a homosexual, were raised by ignorant parents who don't know a homosexual, were raised in a community where homosexuality is a sin, and they don't have enough knowledge to try and see life from a homosexual's point of view. They are naive to the lifestyle of homosexuals and should learn before they speak. If it's a religious debate when you express your views against homosexuality, it's been said before, no need to re-word and say what's been said before.

  • Yes, it's still an opinion

    But it's not acceptable. Respect an opinion if it is not harmful, not oppressive, and not problematic. Yes, you may be entitled to your opinion (freedom of speech, right? That only means the government can't tell you the shut up) but if your opinion makes you a bad person you deserve to get called out on it. You deserve to get crap for it. If your opinion is detrimental and negative and targets an innocent group of people, you should not be respected for it and no one should tolerate something like that.

  • If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.

    There are situations where some opinions will not benefit any conversation. Some people would take free speech as an opportunity to verbally attack others. This is unneeded and arrogant.

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