• Worse things in the air

    The American Lung Association has found no links to incidental exposure to cigarette smoke and any negative health effects. Honestly, most non-smokers are just finding something to complain about. These statistics that are showing 3,000 people die a year from second hand smoke is blatantly false. Do you know how many chemicals are burned off of the internal combustion engine and pumped into the air? Given the amount and variety of pollutants caused by these vehicles, you have a greater risk of dying from lung cancer because of a busy interstate than you would from being around a group of smokers hanging out in a park smoking. How many people do you personally know that have ever been exposed to secondhand smoke? How many of those people you know have been shown conclusively that second hand smoke was the direct cause of any ill health effects up to and including death? Now expand that out and logically speaking you will see that the the health effects of casual contact with second hand smoke is just a bunch of people crying the sky is falling. Don't believe everything you read when personal experience tells you otherwise.

  • Most public places*

    You should have the right to smoke in most places, if someone doesn't wanna be around a smoker they can move. It is not the worst thing in the air we breathe. You shouldn't be able to smoke around establishments made for young children. When my mom was 15 she used to have junior high dances and they could smoke in the cafeteria. My friends got suspended for smoking on the school grounds as seniors in high school. The rules have changed and still are, in a public place their should be reasonable smoking rules. Some bars should allow it and some shouldnt it should be up to the owners. In Europe there are smoking lounges and smoker friendly bars in the airport. China allows you to smoke on planes i agree that is a bit much.

  • You should be allowed to smoke in public places.

    You should be allowed to smoke in public places as long as smoking remains legal. There is no reason that people should not be able to smoke outside because there is little danger that second hand smoke would harm other people. People who do not smoke should not be so harsh to smokers.

  • In Open Forums

    I believe people should be allowed to smoke in open public places, such as a sidewalk or a park. I do not believe people should smoke indoors, but ultimately I feel that should be left up to the business owners, as they should be able to decide what is right for their business.

  • Smoking should be ok in public places.

    I think that people should be allowed to smoke in public places because if you think about it the majority of the smoke goes up into the air not around and down by humans it goes straight up yes a little bit of it might come your way but it wouldn't be anywhere near enough to hurt you. People start smoking at 18 and live to be 90 years old now you tell me how bad smoking is for people. The trash places are doing more damage than people who smoke are. Same thing with them damn waste plants.

  • No people should not be allowed to smoke fro cautious resons

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  • Smoking is your choice; it's not my punishment.

    Waiting in line for my prescription with a very sick 5 year old In the back seat while pregnant with a clotting disorder. Lady in front of me is smoking with her Windows down as the smoke pervades my car. She just put three lives at risk with her choice.

  • Its a horrible thing.

    Its really bad for everyones health. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I REALLY HATE IT. U SHOULD TO.

  • Smoking is unhealthy

    Smoking is the number one lung cancer causing thing. If you you get exposed to to much second hand smoke you could also die from lung cancer. Smoking should not be aloud in public because a-lot of other non-smokers have to smell smoke which they should not have to deal with .

  • Smoking causes medical problems

    Many people in their lifetime when they are depressed and choose to smoke and don't realize what is in their future. You can get any sort of cancer and skin problems. If a person say is walking out of a store and a person is smoking near, they could breathe in the fumes and get just as many chemicals as the smoker.

  • Absolutely Not. It's very Selfish to Smoke in Public.

    If you want to get lung cancer on your own time, then go for it. However, you shouldn't subject anyone else to your premature death stick. Secondhand smoke causes cancer, pneumonia, meningitis, as well as other diseases. On top of that, it smells absolutely disgusting. If you want to kill yourself with smoking, then fine; just don't take people in public down with you. No one else wants to breath your smoke.

  • Because i said no

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  • I don't like to inhale your smoke especially when I am eating.

    Smoking is responsible for 80-90% of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year. Please be respectful of others and do not smoke around them. I used to be a smoker myself and I tried to respect others. I never knocked on someone's door with a cigarette in my hand. People do not want that smell in their house.

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