Should you be allowed to talk on the phone while driving?

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  • Yes Talking and Driving is OK

    You should be allowed to drive and talk at the same time. There are many people who drive long distances each day and this is their only time to talk to family or get necessary calls out of the way. The issue is we need to keep it done hands free for safety.

  • Yes i agree they should shut up

    People should shut up on the phone and if they value their life then get off the phone yes people need to call their families and stuff but their life cant be called back its been proven that you are 80% more likely to crash when driving while distracted and 90 % of that is from cellular devices -Yay

  • Shut up while driving

    People need to be focused and paying attention while on the road. We cannot allow people to have such distractions when these distractions can be a matter of life and death. Driving is dangerous, and reasonable precautions and regulations need to be taken to ensure that people don't die on a daily basis.

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