Should you be required to join to post anything – I.e. no more people posting as Anonymous?

Asked by: GWL-CPA
  • I could not agree more

    When one posts anything, they should really believe in what they talk about. If you create an account, it shows that you have an opinion and you want it to be heard. If you don't care enough to make a simple account that will take you five minutes, you obviously don't care enough about the topic.

  • Yes yes yes

    I feel taht to many people do just this
    they sit there and use fake accounts or they will usr guest just make a account now i can see if ur just going on to see but if your going to be one once a week make a d*** acount for gods sake

  • Why people should join debate.Org before posting.

    People should join debate.Org and not post as anonymous because there could be someone going around insulting people and being offensive, when no one knows who they are and can't report them or do anything of the like. It doesn't take long to sign up either. If people can spend hours and hours debating online as anonymous people, then they shouldn't mind sacrificing a few seconds to make an account.

  • Ah Hell, I have to type.

    Ahem: this rule makes sense. Every website should require people to join to post. I said hip hop, hippy to the hip hop you don't stop, rock it to the bang bang boogey up jump the beat. Now what you see is not a fake, it's the real Sitara queen bee. I know y'all saw other females type, but they got nothing on me.

  • Huffington Post will end anonymous comments

    "The Huffington Post, which has logged more than 260 million comments in its history, will end anonymity in those comments, founder Arianna Huffington said Wednesday morning."

    “Trolls are just getting more and more aggressive and uglier.... The changeover will come in mid-September, she said.

    “I feel that freedom of expression is given to people who stand up for what they say and [are] not hiding behind anonymity,” she said. “We need to evolve a platform to meet the needs of the grown-up Internet.”

    The current Huff Po system uses advanced algorithms to moderate comments plus 40 moderators, but that is not enough now, she said.

    GWL's comments:

    The Opinions section is almost worthless because non-DDO members that appear as "Anonymous" can post unlimited “Yes” or “No” opinions about the topic questions.

    This totally distorts the “Yes” and “No” percentages at the top of the page; the percentages are meaningless.

    This is because if you post as “Anonymous” you can post a “Yes” or “No” response as many times as you want on the same topic question.

    If you are a DDO member, you can post only one response, either a “Yes” Response or a “No” Response.

    DDO’s software blocks members from posting more than one response on any topic question; but, is not capable of stopping non-members from posting as many times as they want.

    You can just read the numerous Anonymous posts and tell that the same person is posting numerous times.

    Also, if you are a DDO member, you can post once as a member and then post as many times as you want as a non-member – Anonymous. This is totally dishonest!

    No other sites, e.G., Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post, allow you to post at their sites without becoming a member. You must create a user account and password to post to their sites.

    It is unfortunate that DDO does not have this policy.

    As it stands now, the Opinions section at DDO is worthless because non-members can post as "Anonymous."

  • How to win friends and influence trolls

    Before I became a member here, I posted two or three times anonymously (no trolling and only once for the same opinion). And while I normally restrain myself from signing up somewhere, it was because of this immediate interactivity one can have here, that DDO really got interesting for me. I fear if a posting restriction for non-members were introduced, the rate of new and serious sign-ups would decline while the rate of one-time troll sign-up's would increase, as Loyalty said.
    Also, maybe some, who are already members, prefer to post their opinions on some of the more sensitive questions anonymously, which they should be allowed to.
    Concerning the existing problems CWL-GPA addressed, maybe a compromise would be most effective: The Yes/No-percentage algorithm could for example be changed, so that it simply ignores all opinions cast anonymously in its calculation.

  • No point to it

    We already have moderators and anyone annonymous has to get their comment approved. And I said everybody yea hey hey hey oh hey hey hey ... ... ... And its simple as that...Blah blah blah blah. I have got it but I need to keep typing because of the limit.

  • I believe we shouldn't

    We have freedom of choice and we have basic human rights and these civil liberties will be taken away from us if we are unable to post our opinions on debates!! In real life you guys have to argue with people you don't agree with, and this debating website should be no exception. Kthanksbai

  • It's a worthless endeavour

    People who are malicious and causing problems with anonymous voting won't be stopped by this process. They'll simply make a fake account, and continue with their negative behavior. Well I don't have a better system in place, this one will stop people who are not malicious and wishing to post good and normal content without signing up well doing nothing about those are negative. This decision simply has negatives outweighing the positives.

  • Using usernames shows being bias.

    Some people think (I have personally experienced this attacking) that from your previous debates that you will be bias about the current one you are responding to. Now probably the most predicted thing is that I(someone without a username) is posting pro-anonymous. But the whole point of this is to show you that you have no record of me posting somewhere else where I completely state something different than what I am stating here. So usernames are a way of tracking yourself, now I do know that if you love to use debate.Org then by all means sign up and get a username. But for someone like me(A 13 yr. Old who only uses this to get different points of view about things) I use this for an occasional thing that I like to go on. And if I post something on debate.Org now, and then I don't post something for a month, that next thing could very well be completely different from what I previously posted, so using anonymous helps me in that.

  • I don't think so.

    I began as an anonymous on this site, but after posting a few times, and getting responses, I decided to get an account. I do feel that there are elements of this site besides opinion forums that cause people to stop being passive anonymi and become members. I do feel however, that once you get an account you should own up to everything you posted and say "hey its me".

  • No no no

    Ok just stop. Does it really matter. Some people just don't want to make the commitment of joining our awsome website. Maybe they think it's some sort of scam or something. Maybe they are just really lazy. I think it just leaves more room for us registered to get our say in.

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