• Before you read this, i just want you to know it's an 8 month old.

    I should totaly be studying right now but idk if i need to... Exams aren't till next week at yale. Maybe even if i fail they will be nice because it's almost my b-day. I hope i still pass...
    Sincerly, the anonymous 8 ( almost nine ) year old.
    P.S: you guessed it: i am a child prodigy who goes to yale uni.

  • Work hard to make a difference

    You need to study to achieve in life other wise you will not be able to get a good job and then you will have no money. Some people say they don't need to work hard because they are rich, but what happens if you run out of money. You can't keep money forever!

  • Studying and working are great ways to improve knowledge status and both usually lead to a gain of either knowledge, money, or both.

    Studying can lead to a higher degree in whatever you've been working in and working supplies experience that many employers look for. Studying for a higher degree is a great idea because of our societies competitive work force and it also betters the human mind. Working develops motivation and can also help with work ethic. Experience is highly admired when applying for different jobs or even looking for a career so both working and studying are helpful for life.

  • I say No

    Our brains always need a rest. Yes, you should work and study sometimes. But you also need to relax and rest your brain to get the right kind of brain food and electrodes flowing. We can't work without rest and relaxation anyway. So, no, you should not be studying. Rest first!

  • We cannot engage in more than one cognitive activity at a time, and we must have relaxation time from studying and working.

    I cannot be studying or working at this very moment due to the laws of physics. It is impossible for me to be engaging in another activity other than that activity I'm currently engaging in when it involves cognitive function.

    We need to take a break from studying and working in order to reenergize our brains, and we should study when we are able, and work when we are scheduled. In the meantime we should have debates and vote on opinions on Debate.Org.

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