Should you brush before breakfast or after breakfast

Asked by: Ahistorical
  • You should brush BEFORE

    IF you brush after, then all that breakfast you ate, especially citrus will rub all around your mouth and decay your teeth, while brushing your teeth after is logical, many people say that you brush after to clean the food of your mouth, but if you are cleaning breakfast, what about lunch? Do you brush after lunch? Brushing before is more healthier and logical, because you wake with a bad breath in the morning, and instead when you eat citrus or breakfast, your teeth won't decay because they have time to soak and absorb!

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Think_good says2016-10-26T11:03:16.253
Brushing teeth before breakfast is better because bacteria's were multiplying in our mouth whole night so if we eat food before brushing all this bacteria with food will go inside our stomach and can cause health problems like stomach ache