• American cars are great cars

    You should buy an American car. Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors are making some really great cars that are just as good as any car made by foreign manufacturers. If you haven't considered an American car, I highly recommend that you do so because it is a great product that directly creates jobs in this country.

  • Yes, if you want.

    If the person feels that they prefer American cars than they should buy it. Plus buying American cars if you live in the US will help save a lot of companies that are going out of buisness and increase our money in take, to hopefully start leading us out of debt.

  • Buy what is best, even if the market forces American companies out

    The argument of supporting American companies is cheap and unfair. If someone make's a worse product, why buy it? If American companies refuse to innovate or create the quality Asian companies produce, then it is to their own demise. Learn to compete or go out of business. Don't just buy something because it supposedly supports America. There are also many Asian cars assembled in the USA, so not all are bad for the economy. Beware the propaganda and get whatever you like, and if price, efficiency, and safety are your priorities, then consider the brands with the best records.

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