• Many people think more guns means more mass shootings and firearm-related deaths.

    However, This is patently false. Think about this famous quote: "an armed society is a polite society. " Think about it long and hard. It's the most verifiably true statement I've ever heard.

    Think about this: you are short on money. So, As is with human nature, You turn to crime. You spot two people who you can rob. One is a 5'7" Shapiro-looking man with a revolver on his hip. If he catches you, He'll shoot you. And if he doesn't kill you outright, The gunshot will be audible for miles round, Alerting any police to the attempted robbery. Your other potential target is an absolute stack of beef, But is otherwise unarmed. If he's lucky, He'll break your jaw and you'll run away. Who are you going to rob in that situation? Probably the stack of beef. Why? Because he's much less likely to kill you.

    Now, Say you're an insane person who has somehow gotten access to a firearm. There's a mall with three or four armed guards within the vicinity, But plenty of unarmed civilians. By that same token, There's a gun range with a bunch of armed men, All civilians. Which do you choose to shoot up? Probably the mall, Because you can cause much more collateral damage than at the gun range, At least before being stopped.

    Guns are only a temptation to crime when nobody else has one. If everyone around you has a gun, You're much more likely to be pleasant around them. Unless, Of course, You have an anti-tank rocket, But. . . Let's stick with guns for now.

  • Yes, But there is some conditions

    A lot of people insult rifles, But you can't sneak a assault rifle into a bank. There should be some restrictions on guns. But everyone should be provided a gunblade. Preferably a mix of an SMG and a katana. Or a katana shotgun. It could be called a Shotana! Bye

  • We ALL have a right.

    The 2nd amendment states ¨A well regulated Militia, Being necessary to the security of a free State, The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, Shall not be infringed¨. ¨Shall not be infringed. Think about that word infringed. Infringed - actively break the terms of (a law, Agreement, Etc. ). Basically saying that the 2nd amendment cannot be changed or you would be breaking the law. You can say that cops are here for a reason, But cops take an average to 12. 5 minutes for them to respond. By the time they get there you could either be dead or someone you love are dead. I am not saying every civilian should be caring semi automatic assault rifles, But at least keeping a m9 pistol, To protect them selves against harm. NRA - 'Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Guy With A Gun'

  • Of course! D

    Seriously, Why the hell wouldn't you? The police don't shoot you if you have a weapon, It's if you resist arrest. Also, Looking at the top no comment I have to say this. . . YOU FOOOOOOOL! People are always gonna find ways to hurt one another, That's just how we are. But, With a weapon, Even the weakest individual has a chance.

  • Yes to weapon

    Because there have been too many shooting of people dying. I am going to have a weapon on me to defend myself when the time comes because I want to live, And I believe the person who shoots me does not want to live, So I kill him/her and say Goodbye to them

  • Yes, But Not Modern Firearms.

    The second amendment was written in 1791, At that time, No one had heard of a hand-held weapon that could fire at such a rate and accuracy as modern guns. Muskets and powdered rifles were slow to reload and somewhat inaccurate, Besides, They were not in such great supply as today. Modern Americans enjoy guns as it is a symbol of power and they enjoy holding and firing guns, Its fun and makes a loud noise. Yet I propose that we take the amendment at its word and ban modern machine weapons, Instead, Muskets are the only weapons that are allowed to be owned, By the time a school shooter has fired his first volley, He would be swarmed by a crowd of his peers, Preventing modern shootings.

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  • Protect yourself.

    Inorder to own a firearm you need to have a license and a clean history. For the many who own firearms, They are ready to deal with a treat if the situation presents it's self. It has been shown that on countless occasions shooting were stopped by a person near the situation. For example the Texas church shooting.

  • Safety, Protection, Equality

    I think that people should be able to bring their firearms into the public as a safety precaution if they are in a bad situation such as a armed robbery or a public shooting. The weapons can help you protect you and your family from getting hurt or even killed.

  • Because there have been too many shootings of people dying.

    If people are dying of being shot then we should do something about it. A lot of people who shoot get shot by the police and die, But if people don't have weapons then nobody would get hurt or die. Also, People would love and not hate, And that was all Martin Luther King ever wanted.

  • Some Americans are blinded by patriotism

    I think it's pretty unconstitutional that you're letting kids die from an easily preventable issue. School shootings don't happen nearly as often as they do in the US in other countries for one simple reason, It's not because we have metal detectors, Or we search student's lockers. The reason we don't have school shootings, Is because we don't have a gun culture or such relaxed gun control laws.

  • The right to bear arms means nothing today

    Guns in the old days were muskets that took minutes to reload now people are legally allowed to have assault rifles with armor pricing rounds and bearing arms goes to a point there is to many ways to make normal guns more deadly and dangerous and having a gun won't help you if your getting robbed you need might need to get into the safe and if its in the open its dangerous.

  • When i Iived in Canada

    When i lived in Canada years ago and i know this is anecdotal but i'm just gong to put this out there the laws were very strict about owning guns and it was strictly forbidden to carry a weapon for any reason, Only the police could carry guns and they had strict rules about using them. . . It was such a safe place Toronto, I remember thinking this was what an American city could be if we had a better welfare system, And stricter gun rules. . No one carried guns, No one needed to. . If you got in a fight you used your fists

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