• Coming from a guy who is dating someone who is in between the two stereotypes and me being between my self

    My current girl friend is a cheerleader a dancer and nerd all at once and I LOVE HER. And shes dating me who loves star wars plays golf baseball and runs cross country so i think in this matter though you can choose if you find a jock guy or girl that is nice to you and respects you and you to have feelings for each other GO FOR IT. But if not look for someone else say a "nerd" that likes you and they respect you and all that and you like them GO FOR IT.

  • Well if you want too

    To be honest nerds and anyone wouldn't want to date someone if they didn't like it. Go for it if you want and if you don't then that's fine just don't go around forcing people or forcing yourself to date people you don't want to date...Just date who you love

  • You know it.

    This is advice from a hardcore nerd, so you better take it. In reality, dating one of those imbeciles who sit at the jock table slapping each other on the back sounds fun, but it isn't all its cracked up to be. They're dumb and cocky, and its not like they respect a girl as a "nerd" would. We tend to be more considerate too, if you want someone who will treat you with dignity, go for one of those dorky kids who likes video games and reads harry potter.

  • It's a good idea

    Nerds may be a little socially awkward but they are so good at heart. They are smart and sweet and they're not cocky. They try harder at everything they do and they are usually quite understanding people. Nerds are just more friendly and corky and they have a shell that's that's quite fun to get them out of. They are the ones that will truly appreciate because some of them are scared of losing a girl that has influenced them. For girls that are considered nerds, boys, saying hi goes along way. If you date her, she'll love you like no one else would because she'll feel that she doesn't deserve you. She wont be stuck up or full of herself. She'll pay attention to the small details and interests and she'll be understanding and be there. Nerds need love too.

  • Don't judge a book by its cover

    I am not a very judgmental person and therefore, I would have no problems dating a "nerd" as the question bluntly states. I believe in getting to know someone personally, and learning more about them as a whole, as opposed to judging some completely based on how they look to me.

  • If you truly like them for who they are

    You shouldn't date a "nerd" because you think he'll automatically do anything for you. That's just a messed up stereotype. They are people too. You should date a person because you have genuine interest in them. I personally would date someone with intelligence because I find that attractive. You have to go with what you like and what you have in common with that person.

  • Nerds are still people

    This is a stupid question. Who someone dates is personal choice. Nerds are still people they should not be classified as anything else. They are not an exception to dating. Like any other guy or girl they deserve to experience dating. I would definitely date a nerd, because they are smart and probably have an idea of what they want out of life.

  • Um, Yeah! Why Not?

    This is such a stupid question.

    Just because a person is a 'nerd' doesn't make them less of person. Not to mention the word 'nerd' is such vague concept. What I consider a nerd is different from what someone else considers a nerd. But the main problem is this; you date someone because of what is on the inside. If you don't like comics or whatever, that is fine but if the person is nice too you and treats you right, THEN you date them.

  • Let's think real quick

    I'm going to assume anyone reading this is a nerd. Who else clicks on the link for debate.Org, or even more has an account? I'd say we're all nerds for spending our free time debating instead of other things. This, obviously, is a good thing since it's an intelligent activity, but I generally, a nerd is going to be good with a nerd because they share similar interests. So I'd say yes.

  • Yeah if u want

    You should date a nerd it doesnt matter what they look like or if they are a nerd.You can like a nerd if you really love them it shouldn't matter.If they are or not.Dont hate nerds.Dont judge someone of nerdiness.Dont judge anyone you can date a nerd.Dont be mean about nerds

  • Bad selection criteria

    What should matter is the quality of the person, and how they treat you; not what social clique they fall into.

    While nerds can be awesome, so can people from all walks of life. Plus nerds can possess the same negative traits like bullying, the same as members of any other group.

  • Very Vague Criteria

    What is the definition of a nerd? Shouldn't you date because you like someone and not just because they're rich, "cute", or a "nerd"? If you like a nerd, then fine, but don't date people you don't like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone has the human right as a human to date whoever they want who wants to date them!

  • You shouldn't have to date anyone

    This should read "Would you date a nerd?" You shouldn't have to date anyone you don't want to date. That's a choice we as individual makes. If you choose to not date a nerd/dork/geek because of that part of their personality, or because you don't find them attractive, or for any other reason, then fine. This whole "accept everyone" "also date everyone" generation just gives me a headache.

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nightchanger says2013-11-01T07:05:25.583
Depends on the person. There's no right answer.
I for example am considered a nerd but i won't be a good partner for the fact that i jump around from subject to subject constantly.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-04-30T03:30:00.483
You all do realize everyone on this website is probably a nerd. You all know what that means... Biased opinions of course! So, go ahead and dream that there's some normal people here. Even I'm a nerd.