• I am a particularly posh personage and I am appalled by the lack of deference shown by the lower classes for their social betters.

    Common people no longer show due reverence for upper class toffs such as my good self because the politics of envy promoted by liberal commentators has given working and middle class people the green light to indulge in indecorous discourse that often borders on anti-snob discrimination.

    If I had my way I’d have my footman horsewhip the cheeky blighters but, of course, that’s no longer allowed in this namby-pampy world of political correct madness.

  • I think a nice curse-out would do

    Seriously, some snobs gets so disrespectful that telling them off is the only way to get them to leave you alone. I cannot stand some of them honestly. I wanna know how you guys would react to snobby people. Do you deal with them or not? Why/why not? Thank you for answering.

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