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  • Only in the cold

    I don't agree with dressing dogs up in ridiculous outfits just for the fun of it, but I do think it's perfectly fine to put a jacket and gloves on your dog in the winter when you take them out for a walk. It can really help, especially with short haired breeds. The gloves are particularly important because the salt on roads and sidewalks can damage their paws.,

  • If the dog is comfortable with it, sure.

    Not all dogs don't like wearing clothes, it really depends on what dog. If you dog is trying to take it off and is showing that he/she is uncomfortable then don't try to force him/her into it.
    Sometimes it gets really cold and they might want to have an extra layer to keep them warm, and so it would make sense.
    I think it's a little much to say that there is NO way you should put your dog in clothing. Again, not all dogs are uncomfortable with wearing clothing so don't assume you know how all of them would feel about it. They have their own different feelings about things too.

  • No No No

    Because its like someone forcing you to wear something you don't like. Dogs have emotions too. The outfit might make your dog feel embarrassed in public. Would you want someone to dress you up in a embarrassing outfit? You might like the outfit but your dog doesn't. Its not natural to dress your dog so don't do it.

  • Oh god no.

    By dressing your dog in ridiculous outfits, you are emotionally raping it. You might as well hammer some nails into a tree branch and beat the dog with it. You should just feed it chocolate and cyanide until it takes it's last breath and leaves this world with a small sigh of relief. Can't you see the pain in it's eyes? The shame? Stop this. If you don't support the Nazi cause, don't dress up your dog.

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