• I don't think people shouldn't drink diet sodas.

    I don't think people should drink diet sodas because there is fake sugar and fake sugar is bad for you. If you drink diet soda you could get diabetes.Week bones, diseases and rotting teeth too. People say that you loss weight but you gain weight. This s why people should drink diet sodas.

  • I'm not sure

    Diet soda has zero calories. Yes it can contain caffeine which makes it hazardous to children or pregnant women. But I'm not truly sure that it causes cancer or weakens the immune system. It is better to minimize consumption of such products and stick with filtered water. Also mineral water is better for you than diet soda.

  • Diet Soda Might Not Be Good Because They Could Alter Our Guts Microbes

    Drinking diet soda may not be the healthy alternative to soda. Some studies show that drinking diet soda is beneficial by helping people cut their calorie intake not gain as much weight. However, some studies seem to conclude that diet soda might actually alter the microboime in your guts. Some scientists think artificial sweeteners might slow down your metabolism. Faster metabolisms burn calories and get nutrients through the system faster. This is an evolutionary advantage if you live where food is plentiful. However, if food is not plentiful, then slower metabolisms are an evolutionary advantage. Slower metabolisms allow you to conserve energy in case you might not have food again for awhile.
    However, for many people today in the United States we have too much food. We exercise less than we used to and we are still gaining weight even though we're in the low-fat craze. If you gain weight then your body must make blood vessels to flow to that area so it can have oxygen and stay alive. All those extra blood vessels can mean a lot of extra work for your heart. This can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease. Many variables effect your weight not just what you eat and how much calories you burn exercising, so losing weight is not as simple as eating healthier and exercising more-although that may help.
    Another consideration is Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is an acquired diabetes. However, certain genes can make someone more likely to have it. Diabetes is basically where your body needs help digesting glucose. This usually happens when you have had so much sugar that you body can't tolerate it anymore. Insulin treatments can help with diabetes and today, with the proper health care, diabetes isn't always a death sentence. The glucose levels of four of the seven participants (who didn't have a habit of drinking diet drinks and were told to consume the equivalent of 10-12 of the artificial sugar packets over the course of a one-week period) had significant over a short-term exposure to artificial sweeteners in blood glucose levels.
    Some scientists think the sample size was too small. It may be, but I think it would be safest to minimize our intake of artificial sweeteners until further studies make this controversial topic clearer. Three of the seven participants didn't have any huge changes in their blood glucose levels. It may because we all have different microbiomes. Microbiomes are microbes that are in us. They can do many things including: affecting your weight, fighting off dangerous microbes, and also attack your own system. Some people predict that artificial sweeteners kill off some of your microbes and thus make your microbiome less diverse which could have more dangerous effects than weight gain. However, some people say that successful dieters consume more artificial sweeteners than the average American. Either case, I think I'd rather drink some milk or water than some fizzy drink that's pumped full of artificial sweeteners.

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